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    loss of car signal

    I have had my car with radio for 3 years. it worked fine til about 2 months ago. I finally got someone on the phone who had answers. they changed their satellite 2 months ago, her words. she said for now there is no solution. my radio loses signal several times each time I drive, no matter where I drive.
    after reading the nightmare stories for cancelling, I think ill cancel my credit card that pays it???

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    Cancelling your credit card won't stop them from charging you for the service you have to call to cancel the service.

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    Can anyone confirm this? Both my wife and I have been experiencing the same issue. When calling Customer Service, they tell us that it's a problem with our factory radio (2016 Altima & 2014 Chevy Captiva) and also might be caused by our Bluetooth which might be causing the interference. I call BS.