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    Need help with Aquiring signal in my van..doesnt work until 15min later

    Hey guys! New to this forum. If this thread is in wrong spot, I do apologize. I have had a serious issue with my vehicle satellite radio and its driving me banana's !
    I will give all the details on this issue.

    08 Grand Caravan
    Factory radio, Sirius ready
    "circle" disc type of antenna
    CD player is fully functional.
    AMFM radio is fully functional.
    Live in NY.


    This issue has been going on for around 7 months.

    Acquiring signal displays on screen as soon as I turn on car.

    Takes about 15min for the satellite radio to work.

    When it finally works, and as soon as I shut the car off, turn car back on, the acquiring signal issue starts all over again.

    Noticed that satellite radio works alot better when weather is cloudy and rainy

    Factory radio led screen display for channels, time etc looks like led display has faded out on both right and left sides. For example, if screen says channel 52, I can only see part of the C and part of the number 2 . And the rest of the channel 52 letters and numbers are clear and bright.

    What was done:
    Called Sirius and they have sent over refresh signals multiple times.
    I have disconnected car battery for 30min with no results.

    Can somebody please tell me which way to turn? My next option is to get ripped off at the Dodge dealer. Just to bring in car is around 132.00 without even diagnosing problem.

    Thank you so much !!

    Buddy looked at radio. Disconnected it. he noticed sides of the actual radio was hot to the touch. Is this normal? Noticed there is a mini fan on this radio located on the left side. How can you determine if the fan is actually spinning?
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