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    02-08-2024, 02:51 PM #171
    This is just one of the many daily assaults by the right-wing to destroy rational understanding of complex issues. Be skeptical of initial reports of everything by anyone especially conservatives and their supporters.

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    02-27-2024, 06:43 AM #172
    Where you live and how your state is governed can affect your life.

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    03-02-2024, 01:15 PM #173
    Belief in a "god", an activity without an atom of supporting evidence, nevertheless should be a personal and private activity. It should not intrude in governmental actions per the constitution, and is also divisive elsewhere.

    Believers have never respected this restriction, working endlessly to drench this country (and everywhere else) in what they believe is necessary for all others to believe. History is replete with the horrors of wars and other vicious actions by believers to force obedience to their delusions. Iran and the Taliban in Afghanistan are current prime examples of the horrors of theocracy.

    We now have judges and politicians openly using the bible/religion to make decisions. Rationality, objectivity, a passion for equal justice has largely disappeared in the activities of the country where it is needed the most.

    This is a pernicious disease, ultimately toxic to any society. It is a by-product of conservatism, and enabled by others, who have been brainwashed to believe religion is a necessary good for everyone.

    It is not.
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    03-13-2024, 05:41 PM #174
    That something without evidence can motivate so many to do vicious harm to others is unbelievably frightening. Only a few sources expose this persistent danger. Religious belief in those who want to force their hallucinations on others is behind all of the greatest threats to mankind.

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    05-02-2024, 08:23 PM #175
    It is critical to know well how both parties have governed and evolved over the last 40+ years. Their involvement in capitalism, foreign affairs, social issues, church/state and civil rights are obviously very crucial to know. Neither political party has ever been near perfect. Accurate criticisms of each, however, will not sum at anything near equal. Republicans are responsible for most of the lack of success in governing.

    Criticism that is knowledgeable and based on rational, objective and reasonable humanistic values, show that Republicans have always largely been the home of the irrational. The current overall positions of that party can accurately be described as grotesque, deranged and treasonous. That millions do not recognize that these beliefs are twisted and ugly shows the level of derangement the vicious lies have caused.

    There are always problems in the country. Democracy is messy, and, due to human behavior sometimes made even worse. When right-wing media, on a 24/7 schedule, seeks to magnify problems by lies, misinformation and disisnformation for political gain, easily-led low information individuals can get turned into zombies. The Democrat's messaging incompetence contributes to the chaos.

    The link below provides an accurate analysis of our current status. Millions of people are now full of hate, stupidity and anger, knowing nothing of objective facts but looking for what they think is a "savior" who will make everything better. A diagnosed psychopath won't.

    This may be the most important election in the county's history. You don't have to be a flaming liberal to see what constant lies and human weakness has already done to the country.

    A party that has worked to destroy this country over decades should be seen for the terrorists they are. The danger is real and cannot be exaggerated.

    I'll take messy. Our well-being depends on it.

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    05-31-2024, 12:25 PM #176
    Human stupidity is the core reason behind most of the world's problems. The lazy and gullible enthusiastically vote for conmen, like Trump, who have no substance or merit.

    Those who have attained a measure of success or fame commonly overestimate their awareness of necessary facts that are outside of their expertise. It is thought that they are good at everything.

    Recently, an actor criticized the Trump verdict, saying the investigations were unnecessary because Trump is someone who has been over-investigated his whole life. The opposite is true and that's why he has gotten away with so much until now.

    Knowing completely and objectively can be hard. It is always worth it.

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