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    08-30-2021, 12:45 PM #131
    There is a strong element in humans that abhors unpleasant information. When reality contains facts that embarrass, prevent the reuse of discredited policies or in any way diminishes reputations, an effort is made to destroy it or to discredit it. We prefer lies that soothe.

    The line in a movie, "You can't handle the truth," applies to human existence everywhere.

    Because of the tremendous pressure in this country to suppress reality and promote unfounded optimism or outright fantasy instead, there are few who dare to challenge the myth-making. Chris Hedges is one who does and here provides reality about our involvement in Afghanistan and its connection to the future of this country.

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    09-18-2021, 04:48 PM #132
    There are few who have the necessary background - instincts, knowledge and extensive experiences - to speak with authority on global events. Chris Hedges is one of them. His observations here (and writings) never hesitate to expose what most prefer to avoid.

    We are in a very dangerous place in the country now. This interview from Michael Moore's podcast series, Rumble, will tell you why.

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    01-29-2022, 05:17 PM #133
    There are ample reasons to be wary of the pharmaceutical industry and its pronouncements. The medical field in general has not always been as concerned with people's health as they are about profit. The industry is based on greed as shown by the differences between drug pricing in Europe, and elsewhere, compared to the U.S.

    The current Covid pandemic has unleashed "information" that ranges from stupid to viciously dangerous. To understand anything the least bit complex requires unlimited research from objective and authoritative sources. The pandemic is a prime example of the necessity of living by that rule.

    There are many who have the ability to influence others and some are actively promoting dangerous disinformation and lies. People have died because of this type of "advice."

    How should we view those who promote policies that can injure and kill?

    This is a column by Michael Hiltzik which discusses that decision.
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    02-09-2022, 12:32 PM #134
    For a long time there has been more disinformation, manipulative propaganda and lying on EVERYTHING than the presentation of objective and truthful facts. It's worse now than ever. The MSM contribute to this dangerous disservice to the country's wellbeing to avoid upsetting the corporate and political power structure.

    Currently, almost all repukes are busy dodging, minimizing and obfuscating to try to limit the damage from their support of an attempted coup, including censuring those who see it for what it is. Btw, all of those who are now differing from their fellow repukes voted with the prior administration 97-99 percent of the time. They have NOT reformed aside from their opposition to lying about the insurrection.

    Don't let the phoney distractions mislead you.

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    03-15-2022, 04:04 PM #135
    The United States imposed Daylight Saving Time in 1918, repealed it in 1919 and reinstated it in 1942. The idea was that Americans would use less electricity. Over the years, various studies have shown energy consumption declined by 0.5% or 1% and other studies have shown energy consumption actually increased. This bill still has to be passed by the House of Representatives and then will have to be signed by President Biden – but we're one step closer to doing away with these idiotic twice-a-year time changes.

    Senate passes bill that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent

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    03-29-2022, 12:15 PM #136
    When I post something I consider important, I do not necessarily agree totally with every assertion. Sometimes a specific emphasis or a nuanced point might go a bit too far. But, for me, the content must be overwhelmingly accurate and free of anything that makes it propaganda or disinformation.

    I believe that there is a very small amount of "news" in this country that does not leave out critical details, or that avoids being deliberately misleading. The MSM does not criticize, in any meaningful way, the establishment that it also belongs to. The need for advertising dollars, access to "sources," and the avoidance of harassing lawsuits demands it.

    Chris Hedges' views are not in service to the establishment. He sees through the veneer and exposes the rot within.

    In this essay he shows how the establishment's control of information is tightening.

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    04-23-2022, 03:23 PM #137
    Humans have a number of well-known tendencies. Some of them are; a need to deny responsibility for mistakes to avoid the consequences, bullying if you have power, excessive emotional reactions to moderate risks, denigration of those who disagree with you, coupled with a fondness for those who do agree, and then having a tendency to overlook their bad behavior as payback.

    Governments are composed of humans so these characteristics are operative in them.

    The invasion of Ukraine exposes, once again, how all these habits are at play, and there is no one better qualified to show how they control events than Noam Chomsky. This entire interview is well worth your time because you will hear objective, authoritative analysis that almost no one else is doing. The last five minutes are especially vital as the accusation of disloyalty is, as always, being used against those who see things as they really are

    For those who know you can't identify that it's propaganda unless you know EVERYTHING.

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    05-04-2022, 02:27 PM #138
    Conservative/religious hatred never rests. It is a cancer on humanity.

    Time for this again...sadly.

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    05-05-2022, 10:41 AM #139
    The last forty-five years of conservatism's relentless destruction of the country's institutions and the fabric of its society is evidence that this video is not, in any way, hyperbole.

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    05-19-2022, 05:27 PM #140
    It has never been true that those who claim to be pro-life really are. If they were, and wanted to reduce abortions, they would be in favor of free contraception, sex education in schools, and every social program for children's safety and well-being. They are NOT in favor of any of them. .

    The formula shortage has been used, as usual, to attack dems for causing it and not doing enough - which are lies.

    This article shows what they really are - sociopaths.The daily propaganda that supports these cretins must be effectively fought. This event is useful evidence.

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