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    03-11-2019, 08:28 PM #111
    "The fake news media attacked me for giving huge tax cuts to banks, big corporations and the wealthiest Americans. The fake news media will probably attack me again for the beautiful plan I came up with to help pay for those tax cuts."

    Trump proposes big cuts to health programs for poor, elderly and disabled

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    03-18-2019, 12:33 PM #112
    We like to hear how great we are in every area. Studies, however, show that the country is rarely in the top third of any major category - except violence. This nation is built on myth.

    One of the most frequently stated myths is that anyone can make it here no matter who you are. Yes, there are some successes, but this myth leaves out the many obstacles in the way unless you have "connections."

    A current scandal shows again how wrong our beliefs can be.

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    03-22-2019, 12:02 PM #113
    Just read this. It relates to the post above and further underscores how misled we are by the "myth makers."

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    03-28-2019, 12:24 PM #114
    While we are going about our daily lives there are very dark, ugly things happening around the world. They should not be ignored and must be fought.

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    04-03-2019, 02:11 AM #115
    And, speaking of those "dark, ugly things happening around the world," here is another hate crime perpetrated by racist, bigoted white nationalists -- or, as Donald Trump calls them, "very fine people." The "Make America Hate Again" campaign continues to be very effective.

    'White Power' symbol found after fire destroys Tennessee social justice center that hosted Rosa Parks, MLK Jr.

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    04-10-2019, 12:53 PM #116
    It's time. No, it's way past time. The country's future and our need for self-respect demand it.

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    04-20-2019, 05:43 PM #117
    Ever wonder what could be if we had programs to improve society, that cared for each of us rather than only the rich and power-mad.

    This would be it.

    BTW, it would be nice if this stayed here for a while so that it could be easily seen and viewed and not buried. It's inspiring and needed.

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    04-30-2019, 11:38 AM #118
    It happens frequently. Someone who is not a politician, or in a position of authority, like a comedian, can say things better than those who should be saying them.

    This is an example. Maher's rant is accurate - especially devastating to Mueller's "conclusion" is his reference to what Preet Bharara said.

    If something is not done soon, we as a country, will be done.

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    05-19-2019, 09:08 PM #119
    Over a seven-year period, the biggest financial institution in Denmark was involved in a money-laundering scheme, converting $230 billion worth ofRussian rubles into "crisp, clean untraceable American dollars" and funneling the money into the United States and Europe – and yes, the Putin family was part of the scheme. Danske Bank is facing four counts of violating Denmark's anti-money laundering act. At least 18 former employees, including a former CEO and his chief financial officer, are facing criminal charges. 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft interviewed the whistle-blower:

    How the Danske Bank money-laundering scheme involving $230 billion unraveled
    It could be the biggest money-laundering scheme in history, with suspicious money flowing from Russia and former Soviet republics.

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    05-27-2019, 02:56 PM #120
    Today is Memorial Day, 2019. Danny Sjursen, a retired Army major, Iraq veteran and regular contributor to Truthdig, laments in a Los Angeles Times editorial that we are engaged "in a series of forever wars that continue to claim new lives" and "we're not winning any of them." Despite the "continuing wars in the Middle East," Americans are no safer now than on 9/11, he writes. His essay's title says it all:

    The best way America can honor its fallen soldiers is to create fewer of them