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    06-08-2023, 01:52 PM #161
    The wealthy overwhelmingly support repukes, their primary enablers and protectors. Some dems have similar tendencies. This block has always relentlessly toiled against working-class people. To this end they are willing to destroy democracy whenever it doesn't exist to benefit them.

    Many make financial gifts (eg, Koch) to make their wealth appear beneficial and benign.

    Almost all of them are our vicious enemies.
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    08-24-2023, 01:22 PM #162
    Among many, there is one major enabler assisting conservatives in destroying the country. It is mainly overlooked.

    Most people are not interested in critical thinking. They accept superficial and misleading "news" as informative. They don't notice the way words are used, the framing used to get their points seen as accurate. Then there is 'bothsiderism,' a deadly poison fed to us daily.

    Keith Olbermann's major value is that he has worked in this cesspool, knows the game and its actors, and has the right tendencies and instincts. All this is invaluable - and rare.

    Today's podcast, especially the first block, is mandatory for anyone who assumes that the MSM "news" is a good place to get objective and unflinching reporting.

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    09-04-2023, 02:04 PM #163
    This is an accurate summary of the reasons and ways conservatives are destroying democracy in this country.

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