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    11-17-2020, 04:18 PM #1

    The Biden White House

    Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021. Biden's chief of staff will be Ron Klain, who served as chief of staff to Vice-President Al Gore and Vice-President Biden and worked as an adviser for Biden's Presidential campaign.

    Biden builds out White House senior staff with top campaign advisers

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    11-17-2020, 06:27 PM #2
    The results of the election were not expected in the way they turned out. There are (always) more things to know about elections than most care about. They're complex. But one aspect of this last one is undeniable - many voted against Trump rather than FOR Biden.

    The country has been significantly harmed by Trump in many ways, some perhaps permanent. There was already major deterioration over the last forty years preceding Trump. Clearly, that should require that Dems support the most knowledgeable and assertive progressive candidate possible. That didn't happen because Biden is not that person.

    We are going back to the environment that loosed Trump on the country, one that ignores the needs of working people. The Dem leadership, including Biden, hate progressives and any policy they promote.

    I could post twenty links that prove the assertion but I'll settle for these now. Bad times are coming in The United Corporate States of America.

    Pay particular attention to Ricchetti.

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    Who else do you think could have defeated Trump? Sanders is too liberal and Warren is too progressive and none of the other candidates had much chance of winning the nomination.

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    11-17-2020, 09:55 PM #4
    "Who else do you think could have defeated Trump? Sanders is too liberal and Warren is too progressive..."

    Your characterizations of these people are inaccurate and wrong. Dems and the media bash the term progressive and their policies. It is an effort by the establishment to avoid programs that threaten their power and wealth.

    There are reams of objective evidence that show it is likely that Sanders' would have defeated Trump. This was also true in 2016.

    Not one progressive, eg, AOC, lost their election. When progressive policy details are given an opportunity to be heard there is a huge level of acceptance. M4A is an example. Approximately, 75% of ALL voters like it. Biden does not because he supports the corporate insurance industry.

    You should read more widely. There are no shortcuts to understanding complex issues. It takes time and effort. Without that you will never be even minimally knowledgeable.

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    Donald Trump's lackeys continue to serve Donald Trump and not the American people. By refusing to allow a coordinated transition between the incoming and outgoing administrations, the Trump administration is threatening national security, jeopardizing the coronavirus response and putting more lives at risk.

    Biden transition steps up fundraising as Trump withholds federal money
    Politico, Nov 19 2020 11:15 AM ET

    President-elect Joe Biden's team is appealing to its high-dollar donors to help raise millions of dollars more for his Presidential transition amid concerns the Trump administration will continue to block public funding. The General Services Administration must "ascertain" that Biden won the election before the federal government will release roughly $10 million in funds to which the transition is legally entitled. GSA Administrator Emily Murphy, a Trump appointee, has thus far refused to acknowledge Biden's victory, despite the fact that news outlets called the race 12 days ago.

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    Donald Trump does not care about our nation. Donald Trump does not care about our democracy. Donald Trump does not care about the American people. Donald Trump cares only about Donald Trump. This becomes increasingly obvious with every passing day.

    Analysis: How Trump is sabotaging Biden – and America
    The President's actions at the Treasury and the Pentagon and denialism about the pandemic are undercutting the President-elect and harming the American people.

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    Biden will be inaugurated as President two months from today.

    Biden taps several long-time aides for White House roles

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    The Cult of Donald Trump will survive for many years – and possibly many decades – after Trump leaves office. His blindly loyal followers will continue to worship him almost as much as he worships himself and they will continue to believe everything he says. Biden will likely never be able to convince any of them that he won the Presidency in a fair election. They will go to their graves parroting Trump's lie that Trump won the election but the Democrats "stole" his victory from him.

    Opinion: Biden's mistake about Trump
    Frida Ghitis, Nov 21 2020 9:46 PM ET

    Joe Biden is making a mistake. The President-elect is right in believing that Trump's efforts to overturn the people's will in the election will fail. In the end, the courts will turn away the crumbling case that Trump's lawyers are trying to build to prevent Biden from assuming his rightful position. But Biden is incorrect if he thinks Trump's legal assault on his election and on American democracy is the principal problem the outgoing President poses.

    Trump is poisoning the soil for Biden and for America's future. The libel, the calumnies, the discrediting of Biden's legitimacy and of American democracy will persist, unless Biden tackles them head-on now and prevents Trump from crippling his Presidency before it begins.

    Trump's disinformation campaign is arguably more important than his legal and political challenges to the vote. Polls show a majority of his supporters believe the wild fabrications of large-scale fraud concocted in the imagination of the Trump camp. Tens of millions of Americans will greet the Biden presidency as illegitimate. The President-elect is making a mistake by letting Trump use his disinformation weapons to advance this propaganda war. Trump is hurting America and its democracy – and he is undercutting the Biden presidency.

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    11-23-2020, 04:31 PM #9
    Biden promised a diverse Cabinet – and he is starting to fulfill that promise.

    Joe Biden nominates first woman to lead intelligence, first Latino to head homeland security
    The President-elect has tapped former Secretary of State John Kerry as special envoy on climate.

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    11-23-2020, 07:00 PM #10
    If Republicans keep control of the Senate, Biden could have a difficult time getting his cabinet picks confirmed.

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