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    08-30-2021, 12:45 PM #131
    There is a strong element in humans that abhors unpleasant information. When reality contains facts that embarrass, prevent the reuse of discredited policies or in any way diminishes reputations, an effort is made to destroy it or to discredit it. We prefer lies that soothe.

    The line in a movie, "You can't handle the truth," applies to human existence everywhere.

    Because of the tremendous pressure in this country to suppress reality and promote unfounded optimism or outright fantasy instead, there are few who dare to challenge the myth-making. Chris Hedges is one who does and here provides reality about our involvement in Afghanistan and its connection to the future of this country.

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    09-18-2021, 04:48 PM #132
    There are few who have the necessary background - instincts, knowledge and extensive experiences - to speak with authority on global events. Chris Hedges is one of them. His observations here (and writings) never hesitate to expose what most prefer to avoid.

    We are in a very dangerous place in the country now. This interview from Michael Moore's podcast series, Rumble, will tell you why.

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