Week 1 is now completed and official. If you are wandering what happened, you are in luck. Trophies were awarded to the following

Week 1 Stud of the Week: The Chicago SIRIans. The SIRIans hammered every other team in the league this week, posting an amazing 129 points.

Week 1 Dud of the Week: Team Freeman. Freeman disappointed their fans with a pittyful 67 points for the week, but they are not alone in their shame. The Mac Hine's and the Bears both posted 68 point totals for the week.

Week 1 Individual High Score: Once again, this goes to the Chicago SIRIans. Not only did the SIRIans post the top high scorer of the week in Michael Turner who turned in an amazing 34 points by himself, they also are home of the #2 top scorer in Willie Parker who posted 31 points. These two players alone combined for 65 points in week 1, nearly beating out 5 of the 8 TEAMS in the league by themselves. Quite impressive totals.

Here is the Scoreboard for Week 1:
NAB Hypocrites defeated Team Freeman 70-67
DA KINGS defeated Rehr's Bears 90-68
Old Dominion Diablos defeated Babba Boey Mac Hine's 82-68
Chicago SIRIans defeated Team SiriusBuzz.com 129-70

Congratulation to all of the week 1 winners.
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