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    Can not login to online player. {{'login.logoText'| translate}} Omniture

    This isn't a question, it's the answer.

    The answer is that you have to allow the tracker Omniture (Adobe Analytic)

    The question is Why can't I login to the new SiriusXM Player - when you could login to the legacy player, before they removed it.
    You got a screen that showed things like:
    {{'login.flashUpgrade' | translate }}

    I sent a message to Sirius a couple of times asking about this. Even including the screendump of the page that showed up. They were worthless.
    I use the latest Firefox with the latest Flash. (I kept getting distracted by that flash comment)
    I also use Ghostery to block trackers. (I highly recommend it, and you'll be shocked by how many trackers there are everywhere.)
    On the login page for the SiriusXM online player there are at least three trackers
    Facebook Connect
    Omniture (Adobe Analytics)

    If you allow the Omniture tracker you will be able to login. (click on the Ghostery icon and hit the Omniture slider)
    I continued to block the other trackers.
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