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    Intermittently losing SiriusXM signal

    I have read the post about loosing the signal but have not seen any real info on how to fix the problem. I drive all over the north American continent, 7 have this problem a lot, I will lose signal then it will say no antenna connected, when I push the receiver & docking station together it will come back on & sat aquirring signal then it will work for a while then do it again, this can happen quite often then sometimes it will work fine for several hours, some times the radio bleeps and say's channel preset for no reason. I called serius & get verbal bullshit any body have any thoughts??? Is it new radio time????

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    The connection between your plug and play and the docking station is going bad. It happens. People often jam things between the unit and the docking station to force a tighter connection. I would give that a try or pick up new docking station/radio.
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