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    NEVER get a subscription with Sirius XM !

    I am beyond words for how they run this company. I signed up for a free trial in September of 2013. I cancelled before I would recieve charges to my account. In January 2014 while reviewing my account I noticed that I was still being charged for a service I cancelled and did not want. I called customer service and they said they would cancel it and refund me the last charge, due to a 30 day policy. Now it is February and I am STILL being charge for something I cancelled for the second time now. I am extremely mad and frustrated with the company and employees and how they operate there business. NEVER sign up for an internet subscription with Sirius XM. They will continue to charge you even after you cancel! They use an excuse of a 30 day policy so you can't get your money back. It's such bull!

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    I feel your pain. You'd be surprised (not really) to see how many deceased people are still being charged for a subscription! I have an internet subscription BUT it was part of a lifetime subscription that I bought some EIGHT years ago so I don't have the same issue as you. I do, however, have FOUR GM vehicles in my household of which they all have satellite radio. Wouldn't one think with that many radios, one would receive a discount to keep them all active? H E L L no. I constantly have to negotiate to keep the price down and do it all before the subscription cancels OR the auto-renewal kicks in (what has happened to you). The next time you call, first INSIST for an operator here in the USA, then you should have better luck.

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    If you called in to cancel, they should not still be charging you.
    The subscriptions are on auto renewal though, and you do receive a multi radio discount if you have more than one vehicle. You need to pay a full price subscription on one vehicle, and the next 5 are 30% of if you have a select or all access subscription on all of them.
    SiriusXM is a premium service. If you don't want to pay for it then don't have it. simple as that. Listen to AM or FM radio if the prices bother you so much...

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    I believe if you go to your account online you can cancel auto-renewals. Then they have to bill you and YOU decide whether to pay or not...

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    Fairwind, your almost on point when you said if you get billed (paper bill in the mail, not with a card that you would have had to have given to an operator at some point) then you get to decide whether or not you are gonna pay...except that they will pro rate your service for usage from the end of 90 day trial until cancellation.