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    31 Tribute to Yacht Rock

    I stumbled across this station the first day of my vacation to the San Juan Islands, which was also the first day for the station. What a perfect soundtrack to that trip! I had it on almost the entire time. It was a little repetitive at first, just like FM radio in the late 70's, but by the end of the week it was getting better as they seemed to be adding more songs to the mix.

    When I first ran across the station I thought Michael McDonald had died, since just about every song they started it with was either a Michael McDonald song, was a Doobie Brothers song or had Michael McDonald singing back up vocals in it. A quick google search revealed that Michael is apparently doing fine and further listening revealed that it was Yacht Rock! I'll be sorry to see it go away after Labor Day. Any chance of continuing it online?

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    It's on til 9/22 btw.

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    Cool Keep yacht rock 31 on permanently!

    I LOVE Yacht Rock 31!! It's my new favorite station! Please do not go away! It's been my going Up North music! Make it permanent please! Best station on Sirius by far! You rock Yacht Rock!