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    09-09-2008, 10:15 PM #1

    Mel K. Cheerleaders

    Where you at? He sure knocked one out of the park today. I can't believe I ever doubted this man. He sure is showing what a genious he is. I should've listened to you cheerleaders all along.......

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    he did what he said he'd do, see quote from today...

    “We have made great strides over the last six weeks and continue to make progress integrating the company and delivering on our promises to customers and stockholders,” he said.

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    He should REALLY stop mentioning us SHAREHOLDERS as his top light of what he's doing to the contrary, his list of enemies is growing larger.

    Was it REALLY in the shareholder's best intrest to sell us out to the shorts and bondholders to close the merger? Did he REALLY have to do that? I seriously doubt the FCC would have BLOCKED the merger had he NOT taken that deal. It would have sucked and people would have complained of further delay...but after 18 months of waiting WHY DID HE HAVE TO CLOSE IT THAT NIGHT...and under such UGLY TERMS?

    Then after that fiasco, MEL goes on MAD MONEY and blows more smoke up our ass. He says he is looking out for the shareholders and will provide GOOD news after LABOR DAY!

    Once more building up our hopes.

    And what happens? He gives the LAMEST speech in history, TOTALLY LACKING IN PASSION and then ABRUPTLY ENDS THE CONFERENCE. WTF???!!!!!

    Looking out for shareholders?

    And NOW we are under a ****ING BUCK!!!! How can we TRUST Mel that he WON'T sell us out and do a reverse split or worse file CHAPTER 11???

    I've hung in this stock for SO long...thru the DARKEST times because I BELIEVED in the long term. But NOW...I am for the first time SERIOUSLY DOUBTING MEL is looking out for us shareholders.

    Is he just saying that to keep us in long enough before he pulls the rug out from beneath us? And make some lame excuse, like it was the "UGLY" ECONOMY and was out of his hands? Oops? Sorry to wipe out ALL the shareholders! But we've wiped out our debt and can start over now! PLEASE COME BACK!

    I'm REALLY getting a WIERD FEELING about this.

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    Mel is losing it... his mind. He doesn't seem right mentally. That.. or else there is a reason he wants this stock down in the toilet.

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    I was hoping I wasnt right when i stated it BEFORE the merger, Mel is a fraud and a crook and will run off with investor money. It is a shame and he and his board and the banks involved need to be investigated, something stinks.

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    As bad as his performance was yesterday, if Mel gets out, the stock goes lower and BK becomes a realistic concern. He is pretty much the company's identity right now, very much like Apple and Steve Jobs.