I have been an XM radio users for years but am new to this forum. I have had multiple radios and vehicles but I am now down to one. I had a vehicle for a number of years with a factory radio equipped for XM. When I sold that vehicle I pulled an old XM Roady receiver out of storage and started to use it.

Before too long it started dropping the signal. I suspected an antenna problem and switched to a another antenna but the problem persisted. I got fed up and ordered an XEZ1V1 Onyx EZ. I threw the Roady and cradle away. I installed radio, cradle, power cord and new antenna. Again I started getting dropped signals and the "antenna" error message. Touching or moving the connection between the antenna and cradle would cause the signal to drop or reacquire. The connection also seemed loose.

This time I ordered a new cradle and guess what? I am still having the same problem. The connection between the antenna and this cradle seems even looser than before. Again, touching or giggling the connection brings back the signal.

The run down is: two radios, three cradles, and three antennas and the same problem persists.

My question is has anyone else had this problem with an OYNX EZ installation?

The connection between the antenna and cradle is very suspect to me. What solutions have other tried?

Is the Oynx EZ antenna/cradle simply junk and I need to try another type of radio?