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    06-02-2015, 05:17 PM #1

    Unhappy Sportsters with automatic lifetime subscriptions??

    Has anyone else experienced a Sportster continuing to function long after its subscription has expired? This model radio has not enjoyed the greatest reliability so perhaps there is a hidden defect that prevents Sirius from deactivating the radio...Mine worked for years until the dreaded "Acquiring Satellite" message appeared and ended the party....

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    My sportster 5 is still kicking. The lifetime subscription is only good for 5 radios total. I'm on #2.

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    I am also on radio number 2 but I was told at one point I could only replace it with the same radio. Any word as to if they have changed that. My sportster has just decided to give me the "acquiring Satallite" death signal and you of course can not buy the sportster anymore. Anyone know if they have changed this stupid rule.

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    You do not have to replace your broken radio with the same unit. You can transfer your lifetime sub to any unit.
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