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    Siirius Antenna Mounting.. On the move!!

    I have finally started my installation and instead of placing the antenna on the package tray just under the rear window, or under the front window on the dash, I opted for placing it in the hood between the window squirters.. It looks good and the signal strength is max most of the time.. Now the problem... The antenna is a small 1 1/4 x 1 1/4" magnetic mount antenna.. Apparently the magnet surface is not sufficient to hold it in place when going thru a car wash.. Today I did it and the antenna was moved 90 degrees from the mounting position.. I easily put it back but this is unacceptable.. QUESTION.. I have a roll of ruberized double sided tape that for use on a boat.. Will it harm the cars paint to put a 1 inch square of it under the antenna and them put it back in place? I have attached a picture to show where it is located..
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    1. You are the first person I have ever seen who opted for a hood mount between the window washing squirters.

    2. Most carwashes will move any antenna no matter where you mount it. If it doesn't... it isn't doing a good job cleaning your car. The beauty of it is that you can move it right back because it is a magnet.

    3. Doubled sided marine tape will definitely not be good for the paint. When you go to remove it by hand there will surely be remnants, although a quick squirt of wd40 will melt it off (be sure to wash the wd40 off right away). That being said... if it sits there for a few years, your paint will fade and you will have a spot which is darker because it has been hidden by the sun.

    In the end... you can do it... but why? Your car looks fairly new, dont stick anything to it!
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