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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapShot27 View Post
    Next week: 2014 CC and January Auto Sales,
    Week after CC: update "short interest"
    Week after updated "SI": updated "institutional holdings"
    ... Does that sound about right?
    Quote Originally Posted by dm_4 View Post
    Auto sales will come first i believe....think autos on tues then cc on thurs am. SI comes out feb 10 after the bell. not sure on institutional....within 45 days after calander qrtr?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faulkner_SA View Post
    Bass, your $7.XX target for SIRI based on monthly E-Wave... that's a multi year projection yes? 3 to 4 years?
    Can you be a little more specific as to where you are getting the $7xx target E Wave stuff? Not sure what you are referring to...

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