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    Anyone Else Experience XM Interent Issues?

    I have had XM for almost 2 years. I mostly listen to it streaming online. I have two recurring problems, and XM customer service has been no help:
    1) XM connection drops, it says "buffering," and finally restarts. XM is trying toblame it on my ISP (comcast), but it is really fast connection and I do not have probs with other sites.
    2)XM Connection Drops, and a recorded guy with a British accent says something like " The content you are trying to access is invalid and contact your content provider" or something like this. Huh???
    Anyone know wtf is up with this?
    Never happens to me in the car.

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    Sounds like your internet might be too slow to handle streaming media?

    How fast is your connection?
    Charles LaRocca
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    I'm not too familiar with the whole stream set-up, but I assume that it has to come through some sort of player (Windows Media, Real Networks) and I know the settings in there can be tweaked sometimes, particularly the buffering settings. Right click the player and poke around.