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    Quote Originally Posted by midas360 View Post
    There you go folks.... his response above. Need I say more?
    still waiting for you to show me where i said siri was going up forever...cant do it can ya?? so yes you need to say more little man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denco1 View Post
    Happy BDAy, Wolf!!

    Should be an interesting day for all us SIRI longs....and shorts and's to a good day for the longs on your BDay wolf

    EDIT: Any dip beyond 5% is a STRONG BUY IMO. Worst case without shorts to be covered is a 5% dilution with the 270 mn shares and that doesn't take into account the 500 mn in toxic debt wipped off the books lowering the debt leverage and removing the hedge as Faulkner describes in his last 2 articles. Considering the net of new shares and available new debt to buy those shares without increasing leverage.....dilution is more in the 2.5% area with no more toxic debt on the books.....GLTA-Longs
    thanks denco.

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    What is this stupid chatzy site you have been posting here ? Getting news about cop that shot black kid ?

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    Let me say it again. I know you have a hard time comprehending what people post. I am asking that you post your Sirius XM analysis and don't cheat by using Faulkner's information. Don't make fun of people, don't call anyone names, don't generalize with some story, don't be a Brandon wannabe. Just give some insightful analysis on why you own Sirius XM.

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    Hey DM,
    Funny but I've heard that "little man complex" comment from more than one person.
    Always out trying to screw with someone.
    Small man, small mind I guess.
    Take care brother and enjoy the ride up.

    BTW Midas I've made quite a bit of money on some of Brandon's calls.
    Take care and have a great holiday.

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    12-01-2014, 10:17 AM #27
    You mean when he said to buy Sirius XM when it was penny stock? You really consider that a "call?" Anyone and everyone I knew was saying to buy Sirius XM. Hell, Spencer's record blows Brandon's record out of the water. Brandon hasn't made a stock call in a number of years. He hasn't written a Sirius XM article in several years. So if you are referring to the call back when Sirius XM was announcing bankruptcy, EVERYONE made that call. HAHAHA.

    If you want real stock advice on Sirius XM, you should contact Spencer. The guy knows this stock better than anyone. The dynamic duo is Demian and Spencer's Radio Show. KUDOS to them for keeping that going for all those years. Sad they aren't doing it anymore.

    Hedy... you are going to learn the hard way my good man. This new "Real Short Data" scam Brandon is running is going to eat your lunch. I can assure you it's not going anywhere. In fact, his "patent" will be denied.
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    Birthday is off to a rough start. Etrade suspended my account. Finally got it straightened out so I'm ready to trade whatever the Convert issue brings. Feels good to have that monkey off our backs.

    Good luck and thanks for the B-DAY wishes.

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    @Hedy... I know you don't believe me but I know you believe Faulkner. Look what he said about Brandon and his stock system back in September. I am not the only one that says it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Faulkner_SA View Post
    Hey no offense here but are you CRAZY throwing money at Brandon Matthews for shares in ... anything? If you were here I'd slap you, throw cold water on you, beat you unconscious and drag you far away... Good lord.

    IF ANYONE ever had some super stock trading system that returned a huge percentage of positive results do you think they would advertise it? Do you think they would sell it? Do you think they would NEED people to buy in for a few bucks here and there?

    WAKE UP. Don't be STUPID with your money and don't let people take advantage of your trust. That guy is a SCUMBAG and he is scamming people over and over and over again (some people REPEATEDLY).

    The "investing" world is full of these guys. If they offer a paid service or product, ask yourselves if it makes ANY sense at all that someone who has major success in investing or trading is trying to pull a fast $50, $500, or even $5,000 off some unsuspecting individual.

    Pull a background check on Brandon Matthews' real name. Cost you like $45 and it will be money better spent than sending it off to him, I guarantee you.

    Sorry to muck up the forums. I just hate when people try to or are successful in taking advantage of other's trust.

    If you want to buy into a paid service look into Jeff Pierce and / or All About Trends. Good trade ideas and clear history of hits and misses. If you want to buy into an 'expensive' paid service I would suggest That guy is RAZOR sharp, and I have followed him for over a year now. Spot on. He has a couple misses here and there but they are very minor and generally happen when he personally deviates from his own structure (and he'll communicate that before hand). I am unsure if he's taking new subs, though, and the service cost is in the thousands so it's not some little $50 thing. He's into bonds / futures and doesn't really talk individual stocks for short term trades.

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    only been on for a short time this am....seems the bid/asks are flipping like crazy.

    Heavy volume
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