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    Unhappy subscription lost every time I turn off the ignition

    Has anyone ever had this problem? I lost my wallet and had to replace all the credit cards. I didn't update my CC info with Sirius and so after a big past due payment, my subscrption was cancelled. I resubscribed and everything was working fine except about a week later I noticed that my service in my car (an aftermarket Alpine) was lost. I would call and then they bwould refresh the signal and it would be fine until the next time I turned the car off. Here's the kicker- I get one of two messages when I try to pcik up any channel other than the adverstisement channel- I get "channel unsubscirbed" when I hit the presets. But they scrolling across the screen the rest of the time it says "subscription updated, press any key to continue."

    I've clled may be 10-15 times to have the signal refreshed and done it online as many times as well. The help overseas was of limited use besides refreshing the signal. I tried going on their Facebook page and and that help was better, and fianlly heard back from a guy but they said they would e-mail me information and never did.

    Marty in Md.

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    I am having the same problem, except for me I just happened to get in my car one day and I was "unsubscribed" (no issues with payment). I can do the refresh signal, and everything is great until I turn off my car. I know this is a very old post - but was there ever any resolution? I have a alpine cde-sxm145bt radio.

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    Same thing is happening with my Acura mdx.. Any solution?

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    I thought I was the only one! Sirius customer service is of no help whatsoever. 2016 subaru and subscription worked fine for months until one day I was unsubscribed (no payment issues). Signal refreshed, but then I was again unsubscribed every time I turned off the car. Dealer said the radio was fine. Sirius customer disservice took no responsibility, lied to me about submitting a trouble ticket, and won't do anything to help. So, I will never be a customer of theirs again.

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    My 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee came with SXM built in. It does the same thing, if I park it for more than about four days. The subscription dies and the favorite channel memory goes away. FM works just fine, and the favorite channel memory never goes away.

    Unlike your situation,my problem is not a "daily" problem, and I never had a subscription with them.

    I have read that this problem is not uncommon. Some people experience it daily, and some experience it weekly.

    SXM is no help. The dealer says the radio is fine.

    I canceled the one year free "trial" only two months into it. They can keep it. The only problem is the damn "Weather Alerts" continue.
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