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    Serious Problem With Shipment

    A firm in Germany ordered coffee from a firm in the United States. While the coffee was en route a couple of bags broke open and rats nested in the coffee. The German firm sent the following letter upon seeing the condition of the coffee.

    136 Wilhemstrasse
    Hamburg, Germany


    Der last two packages ve got from you off koffee was mit rattschidt germixt. Der koffee may be gutt enuf but der ratt dirds schboils der trade. Ve did nott see der rattschidt in der samples vich you sended down to us for examinashun. Id takes so mutch time to tek der ratt dirds from der koffee. Ve order de kleen koffee and you shipt shidt mixt mit der coffee. It was a mischtake, ja? Ve like you to shippus der koffee in vun pack and der ratt schidt in der odder zak, zen we mix to suit der kustomer. Write please if ve shoudt shipp der shidt bak and keep der koffee, or if we schoudt keep der shidt and schipp der koffee bak, or shipp der hole schidtten vorks back. Ve vant to do rite in diss madder, but ve don't like diss ratt schidt bizziness.

    Mitt much rispecitts,

    Gerhard von Gummerschmidtt.
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    Good one.