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    Quote Originally Posted by bdp. View Post
    What is this other website you speak of Steiny? Please tell us.
    King of all Trades website... also frequent newmarketplayers... each one follows siri. Doesn't seem like there has been a ton of posting activity re: siri on these websites (although KOAT has been picking up on posting activity), so I figured I would join in the conversation here since there is consistent siri discussions (as well as other stocks)...

    GLTA next week... still think the low $3's grossly undervalue siri in the long-term at this point with projected EBITDA at 1.368B and with 3.6B debt on the books. I believe a great deal of debt offerings are coming to fund the buybacks and I believe the share count will dip to about 5.5B this year after the next 2B is used to buyback stock...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sxminvestor View Post
    there was an article out today stating that sirius will likely resume share buybacks soon, but need to sell more debt to do so ?

    Maybe this is why all the funny action.

    I have a funny feeling that this stock will close at 3.15 (last liberty contract price) the day ahead of earnings call, just to screw with everyone.
    could be, better be ready 4/21/22/23/ good luck all & happy easter!!!!

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