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    Sirius One receiver Question

    I am looking at a Sirius One receiver. For what I am going to use it in, it looks perfect, size is great , and the price is right.. After reading several reviews on it, now I am not so sure... I have 2 questions that someone might be able to answer for me concerning the Sirius One unit...
    (1) Many complain that the presets do not hold after power off.. Is this the case or was that problem solved by a later model or software update?
    and (2) some have called this a mono unit and said that it is not stereo.. I will connect it to the cars stereo using the cars aux input BUT.. if it is not stereo!!

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    I had a Sirius One for a while and thought it was great. The person I gave it to is still using it over a year later. Mine was probably a later one since the FM was weak (post FCC mandated fix).

    Sound was good and definitely in stereo. I didn't use the presets much but it always stored the ones I put in.