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    The Fool Believes SiriusXM iPod

    Prediction # 3: Sirius content. The simplest way to boost the iPod's relevance is to add content. The App Store serves that purpose to a degree but Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) Android Market looks impressive; it could blunt the advantage that the App Store was supposed to create.

    Apple therefore has to -- in its own parlance -- think differently. It needs to dream bigger. It needs to tune in Sirius XM (Nasdaq: SIRI). Foolish colleague Rick Munarriz and I have both written about this in the past. The thinking: If the iPod is a disruptor for satellite radio, why not join forces and end the war?

    A partnership would be particularly meaningful if the Touch were the platform. It already has a Wi-Fi antenna; would adding a satellite tuner be too much of a burden? I don't think so. (Remember XM2Go?) And even if it were, Apple could create Sirius and XM channels in the style of the YouTube channel the Touch already has. Get your radio feed anytime you're connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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    I'm long Sirius. Have been for awhile now. And I'm an optimist by nature.

    But can we PLEASE stop with ANY SPECULATIONS AND RUMORS when it comes to this stock???

    Have you LOOKED at the stock price today? We just sunk below $1.25 to $1.22 for the first time!!!!

    **** THE IPOD RUMOR!!!

    Does it make sense Apple should join forces with Sirius? DUH! YEAH...but it's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!

    Why? Because WE EXPECT IT TO!

    NOTHING ABOUT THIS STOCK has turned out to happen the way we WANTED IT TOO.

    Face it. NOTHING WILL happen either until it HAPPENS. Talking about it. HOPING. LISTENING TO RUMORS...or guys that call into Sirius Buzz radio from the Caymans....its ALL ****ING BULLSHIT OK??!!!!

    HOW many ****ING times will we pump ourselves UP? HOW MANY???


    THis stock will only begin to move after years of subs and profit and cash flow positiveness.

    ANYTHING else...any rumor, or article, or ****ING DUDE FROM THE CAYMAN'S IS ****ING BULLSHIT.

    From this second forward, i have ZERO expectation. ZERO. Short term or medium term.


    So lets stop talking about it like the BIG move up is just one "NEWS STORY" away.

    CAUSE it AiN'T.

    Why torture ourselves? For what?

    This is a long term rainy day stock that if we will dust off years from now and THEN we can say WOW it moved up alittle.

    We've done nothing but go down the last 3 years and then get cut in half TWICE after the merger. It's ****ing INSANE.

    ANY move up at this point will just be to get back to HALF of what we were just BEFORE the ****ing merger!!!!

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    Yeah mtf !

    someone had to say it ! i won't care about this stock until 2009 and then maybe then will i check it on may 2009

    other than that, you guys and the speculation, ha , go find some other stock to talk about, this one is done for a while.

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    And yet you are both still here...

    Friggin, for someone who is pissed off and vows to not look at the stock for another year, you have posted here on Siriusbuzz 4 times today already!