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    XM Embarrasses Satellite Radio Again

    It was reported today that the XM service was down for quite some time. From what I understand it was both the satellite and the repeaters. They really are blowing it for the whole industry.

    Mel needs to step back from the table, let XM bury itself, and launch a "we're nothing like them" type campaign to flat out steal their current subscribers and save the industry.

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    Like Sirius, XM has redundant satellites, it was only one of the satellites (and the repeaters) that was having trouble today. As a result if your antenna maintained a constant view of the one functioning satellite your reception would be just fine.

    This is impossible in a moving vehicle, so coverage in a car would have been somewhere between spotty and unlistenable depending on your environment.With the repeaters down people in urban environments would have, in general, very bad reception today.

    People with a stationery antenna in an area not covered by repeaters probably would not have noticed any problems today.

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    I guess I should have specified... I know it was only one satellite but, there sure were a lot of people complaining yesterday so, even one being down was enough to cause issues.