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    Lynx kaput? what's next?

    My Stiletto is rather on its last legs so looking around for other radios.

    It seems the Lynx, a logical replacement, is on its way out, since Sirius only has reconditioned units for sale (I've had bad luck with reconditioned stuff in the past bought from them).

    What's the alternative, or is there gonna be one? My subscription is coming up for renewal and I'm not gonna re-up unless there will be some hardware I can use. As far as dockable radios go they only offer three in their store, the Onyx EZ, Stratus 7 and Starmate 8, and even those look like they maybe aren't being made.

    Are they getting out of the aftermarket radio biz?

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    The Lynx concept is great. The firmware is poor. The out of warranty repair is non existent.
    Imagine some microprocessor device without a master reset. Well you can just buy another radio if you can get one because if you disconnect your Lynx during a firmware update, your radio is unusable. That could have been avoided by having a master reset that save the old config. Forget about the menu. You will not be able to get to it. Call customer service and ask if you can return it for repair and they will ask if it is in warranty. If it is not, they will not help. Great radio if it works.