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    Let me offer a clarification, re. my thoughts about BM........... In my post yesterday I mentioned my auto-renewal was recently processed by PayPal. That was a screw up on the part of PayPal as I had instructed them months prior to please do not renew. They refunded my money, but they say they cannot undo my renewal at BJM. So, when I said I have no real interest but that I was only curious what was going on over there, that is when I learned that I am unable to log in. Again, out of curiosity I emailed my concern to the "admin" address, and received this morning the broken record alibi which is precisely what Midas is saying. (i.e. same song, different verse..............)

    "The site was hacked, and people continue to make life miserable for me". Unfortunately you are a victim and I will do my best to reinstate you if and when I do a relaunch (I paraphrase). Life is a bitch and everyone just wants to make things a mess for me, etc. etc. etc. He didn't go as far as to say how much it would cost me to make things right, but if history repeats, that would be next out of his crooked brain.

    Midas, I totally agree with all you say. I too have seen this behavior repeatedly over the past 5 or 6 years............... I was a sucker once when I initially bought in to his holiness routine, and quickly learned he is nothing but a con artist. 'nuf said.

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    Interesting article for our Pot investors:

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    I've been thinking about this for awhile but what happens if Mexican Cartel flies their marijuana into Colorado. That's gonna be no longer illegal, right? So Colorado could be the distribution hub for marijuana in the U.S.?

    p.s. Sly... I forgot to mention. One the guys mentioned in chat about the stock PHOT and their cash injection

    could be in an uptrend.
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    I agree with you 100% .. Its amazing that people are so foolish and keep paying to read his drama.

    Quote Originally Posted by midas360 View Post
    Brandon is a grifter. I've known the guy for over 5 years and he does this every single year. Around Thanksgiving he comes up with idea of reinventing his website and asks people for donations to help pay for it. If no one donates then he threatens to shut down his website. Once people start donating, he blames hackers and past members for his lack of effort in getting anything done. He spends more time writing articles about his personal life than he does putting out useful information or analysis. His victim mentality is getting very old and I think people are finally catching on to his reindeer games. If you truly care about Brandon and you really want to help him, stop giving him money. He needs to face reality head on and change his ways.

    p.s. how many Life Time memberships are you going to buy before you realize it's not really a lifetime membership? It's like ground hog day over there. He's a broken record.

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    Someone should buy ... $9 for a good laugh when that day inevitably comes.
    Charles LaRocca
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    That would be hilarious. Last full week of trading until Christmas! Good Luck to Everyone and let's hope there's a Santa Rally in the mix this week or next!

    p.s. futures are down @ 9:47pm let's hope this isn't true in the morning.
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