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    Give Me Major League Baseball Already !!!!!!

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    Angry Best of without mlb

    To Whom it May Concern,

    I have 3 lifetime subscriptions to Sirius. I'm more than willing to pay 100 or 150 for the Best of XM but not without the BASEBALL. I fail to understand how you can call it the best of XM when this doesn't include MLB? Have you seen the attendance ratings and difference in TV ratings (disregarding this last World Series) between NBA and MLB? I think you'll get more people to purchase it if you include MLB. I won't purchase an upgrade until this happens.

    David Malin

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    Its not like they don't want to be able to offer that to customers... they cant because of contract issues. I am sure it will be worked out in the future.
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    Go Indians !!!!!!

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    Will be in ARIZONA to watch

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    Where are the games???

    Well only just over a week before Opening Day is here and still no sign of progress on getting some of the baseball games on Sirius. It's an absolute joke that none of the games will be on Sirius. When the merger happened i was more excited about the baseball than anything else but all i get is a 24-hour Home-Plate Channel that just teases me about the games that will be broadcasting on XM. Come on Sirius/XM....get your act together fast and give the loyal subscribers what they want....

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    It is not SiriusXM that is holding up getting the MLB PBP from customers, it's the MLB them selves who are not allowing the games to be part of the Best of XM sub. SiriusXM has been trying since the merger to get the games as part of the Best of, but MLB will not allow it.

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    There is of course, a solution. Buy an XM radio, and get the best of Sirius. It's probably time for an upgrade anyway. Most of the radios are available dirt cheap right now. When life gives you lemons....