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    Need help changing radio frequency

    Hello, I have a stratus 6 radio but the screen is broken on it. Normally this isn't a problem for me since I don't really change the channel but recently a new radio station has appeared on the frequency I use which completely overpowers the signal from my sirius radio so I was wondering if anyone could give me step by step instructions on how to change it. Before anyone asks, I do have the instructions on how to change it but it doesn't say how many times to press each button etc.
    Thanks in advance

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    I dont have a stratus but, I wanted to stop in and say that this made me chuckle. Good times.

    My buddy changed my xbox language to mandarin one time and I had to have someone give me the exact instructions to get it back because I couldn't read anything on the screen. Flying blind, just like you.

    Good luck!

    Someone help this poor bastard!
    Charles LaRocca
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