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    FM Transmitter

    Ok, so new to the forums and have done the search. So if anybody knows of a link to this pleae post. I've had XM for awhile, started off with a Roady 2, then upgraded my car and had a factory installed XM radio. I want to use the FM Tranmitter that I had with the roady Delphi SA10081 with my iPod since my factory head unit has no auxilary inputs in it. The problem is the transmitter part isn't turning on. I remeber hooking up my iPod before when I had the Roady (I only have the fm transmitter) and it work. Is there anyway I can get the FM transmitter to switch on without the Roady head unit?

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    Im not too familiar with the way you were using your XM radio to transmit the iPod. I will research it a bit and see what I come up with. I will let you know of a product that a lot of our customers use to transmit all types of things via FM. It's called the whole house FM transmitter Gold Edition and it works in both the home and the car. It draws it sound from the unit's headphone or audio out jack and can broadcast on 7 different radio stations up to 150 ft. The unit come with all of the components you need. Here is a link to the product:

    This may not be what you are looking for but could help in being a good replacement in what you want to do.