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    Going forward feel free to substitute Jacoby for Wienkes, even though he is no longer relevant....

    I think it's easy to target Wienkes as performing a hatchet job on the stock. He works for Goldman Sachs, and we all know their reputation. He is excessively bearish in comparison to his peers. His downgrades are generally devastating to the share price. (more on that later)

    However, conspiracy theories and faceless figures standing in the shadows aside its probably a lot more simplistic than all of that. Yes, yes he is associated with Goldman. Yes, yes they have terrestrial radio relationships. But I think the uncertainty, volatility, and investor fatigue have given him a canvas to paint on.

    With no real results which which an investor can hang his hat on, when someone comes out with a negative report, who's to say he is wrong? How can you point to Wienkes and say, "This guy is off his rocker.". You really can't, because so far everything he has predicted has come true. And with investors who have seen their money shrink year after year, why wouldn't you listen to someone like him? It's just human nature, when you are getting your ass handed to you, you aren't going to be all bright eyed and optomisitic.

    This isn't a grand investor conspiracy, its just some egomanic deusche bag who enjoys the warmth of the spotlight, and who hasn't been knocked off his high horse yet. He won a couple hundred dollars in scratch tickets and now he thinks he can dictate his own luck.

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    As Satellite Radios become standard equpment on new cars the retail market will change but doesn't necessarily decline if the right products become available. The retail market needs to move more towards internet-centric products for the home.
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    What Wienkes Wants Before He Will Be Positive?
    He wants his boss to cover his short position. I kid .. maybe.

    Not that I want to find anything positive in Wienkes downgrade, because there isn't much, but at least he has conceded that he *could* become positive on the stock. That's better than his previous position that Pandora, Slacker and are going to eat this multi-billion dollar company for lunch.

    Plus the stock didn't move nearly as much as his $1.75 downgrade.

    It has been a diffiicult few weeks, but I am optimistic that we've seen the bottom.

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    MarginSell-offs Again Next Week

    Should be the last of them, but there are some stragglers remaining who may experience margin call sell-offs as late as Friday next week. I predicted that SIRI would go lower than Mel's 1.37, but I was thinking about 1.35. Cramer will move the SP higher Monday if he issues some positive spin. I don't think Mel would go on without some idea that Cramer will be helpful. Like a good lawyer or a good salesman, don't ask a question to which you do not already know the answer. Don't talk to Cramer on teevee without knowing that he will provide a friendly venue. Mel is smart. Certainly smart enough to set his own table WRT Cramer.

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