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    check your private messages
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    I find it funny how 90% or posters (posers) here speak so HIGHLY of MEL
    They think he is a genius in here, but most geniuses don't run company that have been in the negative for 8 years, and also wipe out there bottom line by paying some over hyped shock jock 100+ mil for a talk show, on the radiowaves of all places (the same way I feel about Limbaughs contract, they are overpaid and talentless, but have a big mouth.
    Im sorry, all you poster (posers), Mel is no genius, as a matter of fact, he screwed all of us, and tried to cover it up with this stock purchase.
    Guys, I just dont buy your "Mel is a genius" bullshit, he's a crook. In the end, he will win, and we all will lose.
    But then again, I just like to rock the pretty little boat you all have built here.
    In a nutshell, I think most of you are wishful thinkers, just like all of you thought you were going to have a "win/win" on the merger, I could see the crookedness a mile away, luckily I only have a small stake in Sirius now, so I haven't lost much at all, thanks to a gut feeling.
    Enjoy your merged superstars, and keep bowing to King Mel, while I pray to JoeBoo, and enjoy my cigar and rum.
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    When Will Mel See Green?

    His Cost Basis = $3.90 per share. When will Mel See Green? Somebody make a poll. (A lot of us are in Mel's boat with thousands or hundreds of shares instead of millions). I say Mel will see green within 11 months.

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    JasonL, I cant believe you have any shares left with the way you feel why not just get out totally. I think you should look at DISH, DTV, SEBL, ORCL, LVLT, ect., ect., ect. the list gos on. What did you think the company was out for some time are you that dumb, it is a start-up. It is doing better then alll the start ups I mentioned and look were they went before their fall.

    You should see what Mels history is before you critisize. Try starting with Infinity, some how I think those shareholders are very happy with his job. Then goto CBS and Viacom you will find the same happy shareholders. Maybe you think that was all just a quintessense, that would be one hell of a 1 or should I say 3. I dont think you are not that dumb are you. You do have some common sense right.

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    I have done some pretty stupid things, said some pretty stupid things, so yeah, i might be.
    But one thing I do hope for is that I am completely wrong, but before I start praising ones leadership (Mel with this company, SIRIUS, not past commitments and successes), I would like to see some results (with this company, not Viacom or CBS, or whatever). That why this is a forum, I can disagree, i think. Corporate big whigs will get theirs, whatever the cost, even if its at shareholders expense.
    Now maybe SIRIUS is considered a "start up company" but if I do recall, SIRI IPO was on September 13, 1994 at $3.15, 14 years ago, thats a slow moving start up company.
    Look, radio is NEARLY dead, and until "MEL" does something extremely technically innovative, (instead of hiring washed up load mouths like Stern for Hundreds of millions of dollars, jeeeze), then we may never see that IPO price again.
    Just my thoughts......
    And I expected your cheap shot on my intelligence, John, for I did call posters like you posers, and I stand behind that statement.

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    Did you know that Mel did not hire Stern?
    Mel was brought on board several months AFTER Stern got his huge contract.

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    It is also undeniable fact that Stern will more than pay for his own contract.

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    As Tyler said in his article, thanks homer. I actually used your post in an email as part of my arguement with a family member about Mels purchase
    Charles LaRocca
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    JasonL, How much more proof do you want from the man, This is from a prior post:

    If I were Mel reading some of these post I would be pissed and be saying to myself what ingreats are these people. Is it not enough for them I cut the shit out of cost, which got SIRI to have FCF positive for half of 2007 all the while having my hands tied. Is it not enough that I did what most thought impossible got the only 2 satellite radio companies merged, and my god look at the piss-anti concession I was able to get by them. Whats next, you want me to jump into a volcano for you.

    As to the SIRI IPO, That is true but the fact remains they were not truely doing business till they started to go after their first subcribers. Most of the companies I gave were in business in the same way before they really became a business if you know what I mean.

    As to Stern, that was a good deal for SIRI. Stern got SIRI over 2.3 million subs that means 2.3 million X 10.13ARPU X 12 months = 279 million a year in revenue a year. He cost SIRI 142 million a year, that means SIRI makes 137 million a year in revenue off of Stern.

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    Ok all you ass kissers

    Well after that great move by Mel, that really lit a fire under SIRI stock, It went up a whopping -.01 cents
    I dont buy it John, your can ride you Mel wave all the way to the shore, the bottom line is, Us shareholders are getting screwed, I could care less who he worked for prior to Sirius. Sirius programming needs a major facelift, and as for Stern, im sorry, no radio show host deserves 141 million a year and no, with SIRIUS billion dollar dept, ITS obviously not "paying for itself", jesus wake up people. We are all getting screwed, and our money will ultimately end up in Sterns and Mel's pockets.
    So John and all you others, keep riding your fantasy wave, and wipe some of that brown off your nose, cause until SIRIUS does some innovative restructuring, we shareholders will continue to lose money, until there is none left. OK John, you can go back to plugging your nose in asses.
    Oh yeah, and the MARKET isn't buying your BS either, that why we continue to see RED, WAKE UP!!!!!

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