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    Pumper Post.. but is it just that?

    Is it possible that Warren Buffet could be ready to take a simultaneous stock position with Sirius, and refinance all existing debt, to include a share buyback at rock bottom prices???

    I say this only because Sirius may be one of the sole growth stories in the market right now, with tremendous strength in future cash slow. The model is easy to understand, and customers love it.

    The remaining, unresolved hurdle is cash.

    Imagine if a big investor bought up these shares on the cheap, to then help refinance this cow. Imagine, just imagine. How do you argue with this?? Sirius XM woud surely become a household name.

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    I can "imagine" ALOT of things. But flights of such fancy are dangerous and delusional when investing.

    And ESPECIALLY in regards to Sirius.

    Yes, it's a great growth stock. But it's ALWAYS been a GREAT growth stock...and LOOK what good that fact has done us. Bupkus!

    Sirius was voted the fastest growing stock of the last 5 years last year.

    Sirius has gone from 68,000 customers to almost 20 MILLION in 4 years.

    I could go ON and ON. We all could. It defies logic this stock price.

    And yet Wall Street with the help of the FCC and the NAB....have made Sirius the poster boy for most hated stock

    It has consistently been the most shorted stock for YEARS. And one of the greatest victims of Naked Shorting EVER.

    The Big Boys saw the INTENSE Love the customers and shareholders had for this company and stock. Love is blind, and they smelled FRESH MEAT.

    I think it all started with the Howard Stern fans actually. Not saying they are "stupid", because I like Howard....but their loyalty borders on a kind of rabid devotion that played right into the hands of places like Goldman Sachs and the shorts.

    Ironically the thing that helped Sirius grow so fast and surpass XM was the same thing that enabled the shorts to cut Sirius down bit by bit. The INTENSE feelings of Love for Sirius KEPT people in and buying even as the shorts were knocking it down. It was like a never ending FEEDING frenzy.

    And it has led to where we are now.

    I still LOVE the product. But I have FORCED myself to separate my feelings for the stock itself.

    Even at this low price, the sharks are circling. I think it'll take something short of an act of GOD to catapult this stock over those sharks. I mean we have seen first hand how even on GREAT news....Sirius has gone down.

    The question is, will Sirius just stay at this level? Or will the shorts and big boys just hold it down till it dies?

    Something tells me they won't want to kill the Goose that lays Golden Eggs just yet.

    At this low price, a 10 cent move is HUGE. Maybe they want to hold it down here and play the same game they've played for years. Let it run a bit on hype and then bash it down as they short.

    We are talking SERIOUS coinage at this price.

    How can we stop this? How can we rise above this?

    I don't know. Maybe thats why posts like the one above are dangerous. It's giving up and in to Fantasy. It's a Dreamer or Victim's mentality.

    I know we all feel I understand why this type of thinking happens. Heck...I have my moments of such dreams as well. I guess it helps ease the pain and frustration to entertain such ideas. To keep our sanity.

    But I try to resist them now. It's that type of thinking that led me to hold as we plunged. Unable to see the reality of what was happening.

    I am not alone.

    I HAVE faith in Mel. But if he had ALOT to overcome before...he REALLY has a task ahead of him with the economic crisis we are now in.

    Good luck all. Dream big. But LIve in REALITY.

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    Ok --- maybe I am a bright-eyed idealist. I am. I bought into Sirius because I liked the product. I remembered the Christmas season I went out to shop for my family, my niece and nephews, siblings... parents, etc. But I got to Radio Shack, and I found a Starmate 4, and I had to have it.

    I was raised with 3 genres growing up, quite isolated, one could say. And listening to the programming on Sirius, diverse as it was, was enlightening. I had to own the stock. But at this time, the stock was at $3.50. I jumped in, against those warning of "trying to catch a falling knife". And I've caught a fallen knife. I may be entirely wrong, but I am a young investor, and I am investing for the long term. Of course, I'd like short-term gain, but I am willing to hold on to Sirius and see it through to profitability.

    The depreciation in the share price of late is directly related to preceived financing difficulties. But I watch TV and surf the web. I research sites like, and I continue to see Sirius and XM both gaining prominence on the internet, both in the United States and Globally. And for my money, it doesn't get any better than Sirius XM Radio at $0.60 per share. And I will continue to buy this stock - despite the value of the stock, and if I lose, so be it. I will, given the chance, buy again when this company is reborn from Chapter 11. But I fundamentally believe it will not get there, because the strength of the combined company is too great. Financing is tough but, in my mind, this will make the hopeful financing deal even that much greater.

    On a fundamental and economic standpoint, I see Sirius as being a great alternative to high cable television prices, in a time when TV viewing is declining! Sirius offers a unique product, that connects people and culture, for a price point that cannot be competed with. I will continue to buy, as I have and average down.

    I will see this stock price as a gift, for those who believe and are willing to take advantage of it. If I am wrong, I embrace the freedom of choice that makes the free market so great.