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    07-18-2007, 06:37 PM #1

    Have Ferrall call a regular game on Sirius

    Someone needs to get Scotty to call some regular sports game for one of the Sirius live sports channels. How cool would it be to hear to Ferrall call a Yankees Red Sox game? I want to hear more than a watered down play by play, I want to hear him calling Schilling a pussy or Jeter a fag when they make a bad play. There must be a way that the over thinkers over at Sirius can get him one game a week. Whatever the nationally televised game for any sport would be sweet.

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    haha! That'd be great, as long as they don't cut his time from Howard 101!
    With the merger, he'd be great calling a hockey game too on the NHL channels.

    "SHAKE IT UP!"