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    02-12-2022, 08:45 PM #61
    Nice how you misquote me, and run with it.
    I did not say he was the best. No one is "the best".

    What do you quantify as hate? Sure, someone can voice their opinion, and if it's hateful that's what it is. Putting pretty words around it doesn't change that fact. And that's what I've read in this forum. Hate mixed with pettiness because Jim Ladd touches a conservative nerve.

    You understand we are talking about rock and roll, and a dj?

    Are you suggesting he needs to stay in his own lane?, rock and roll is about protesting.

    Yeah a DJ with right wing opinions, I wonder why that's not a thing.

    Do you remember not too long ago when people complained, they were called snowflakes? Seems to me, the chickens have come home to roost.

    If you're not interested in freeform radio, turn the channel. No wait let's attack the DJ, the rock and roll DJ, because he says things that hurt my feelings. Your choice.

    Lord have mercy.

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    02-15-2022, 10:15 AM #62
    Anivape, actually you did call Ladd one of the best.

    You correctly posit that “hate” must be quantified. Who and how does one define hate? But you go on to say that hate is “what it is,” inferring that your interpretation is “fact,” especially as it applies to the posters in this thread.

    I won’t even bother with the rest of your comments. Lord have mercy indeed. Wow.

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    04-16-2022, 12:48 AM #63
    Jim Ladd did not talk much today. For Good Friday he played a lot of songs about Jesus, including "Jesus Christ" by U2 and "Jesus Is Just Alright" by the Doobie Brothers. He even played a gospel song by the Blind Boys of Alabama. I enjoyed his show.

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    09-15-2022, 10:27 AM #64
    Quote Originally Posted by cclaxton View Post
    You have got to be kidding me!!!! Jim Ladd ROCKS!!!!
    I have Deep Tracks on all the time when Jim Ladd is ON!
    Have you bozo's forgot....IT'S THE MUSIC!!!!!!!
    He is the BEST DJ Ever!!

    Go listen to Gangnam Style!!!! Leave Jim Ladd to his Deep Tracks Libarary....

    High From the Hollywood Hills!!!...I am ready to Rock, Jim!!!!
    Go, SiriusXM and Jim Ladd!!

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    09-15-2022, 10:35 AM #65
    Your right ! Jim Ladd is the best DJ around- my radio is ALLWAYS on deep tracks -Love Jims show-It IS the music , no top 40 bs.-Such personality he has-IF you don't like his banter, then don't listen- the way i did when Rush Limbaugh was on fm-am radio-Just turn it off ! Also i guess Sirius down ranked Jim because of it-down to once a week. that sucks- hope i don't have to give up my Sirius- I've been with them since their inception- 3 radios. BRING JIM LADD BACK ON 5 DAYS A WEEK PLEASE. ---LORD HAVE MERCY

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    When Jim Ladd first showed up on Deep Tracks I found a lot of his music selections to be somewhat inappropriate for the format of the station. Way too much Classic Vinyl and Classic Rewind type of songs, presumably because they fit into the theme he was assembling.

    He came across to me as an arrogant my way or the highway guy. All that said, he was clearly passionate about his job and the music. That's always been his thing. A rebel DJ who plays what he wants. The concept of his personally selecting his material and bothering to try to find common themes was admirable. XM seemed a nice fit for him. I listened in spite of my misgivings.

    Then Jim disappeared for awhile, I presume because of serious health issues. When he made his way back I seemed to detect a somewhat more humble, less opinionated attitude and more dedication to playing music that reflected his vast experience in the genre. Lots of stuff I hadn't heard and was thrilled to hear. Still being presumably personally selected. The guy really knows his music. He seemed to be happy and felt lucky he was still doing it.

    I noticed his absence from his time slot, decided to find out was going on and found this thread. Mondays only now? Hopefully it is not because of more health problems.

    His original on air persona was kind of love it or leave it but the evolution I detected in his show was welcome. I'll miss this version of his show.

    I however have absolutely no problem with Dusty doing as much on Deep Tracks as she chooses. I love her presence on Deep Tracks.

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    How do all of you haters feel now, Jim Ladd is no longer among us. He did not deserve your hate, Deep Tracks was better with him as a part of it. Dusty Street was too.

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