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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Arredondo View Post
    Jim Ladd is a Radio institution I have loved his work since LAs 94.7 KMET, yes he rants but you should have heard him the night John Lennon was killed, thats one show i wish i had recorded, hes extremely knowledgeable and has interviewed to greats of rock & roll, Keep it Going Jim
    Jim Ladd may be an institution and I respect that...however he is just "geographically challenged" on Deep Tracks. I have been a DT listener since 95...never needed to complain until he came on the scene. His show should move to Classic Vinyl or FM somewhere….perhaps WXRT in Chicago as they have fallen into this type of programming trap. Deep Tracks audience is a mature audience and yes I am a prude about my music...that’s why I pay for my radio. Jim Ladd does not cater to this crowd…saying this, Deep Tracks still the best ever and I could not live without my XM….peace

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    I have been listening to Jim Ladd for 35 years!!! Your obviously unhappy with the best Freeform Disc jockey that has ever touched the FM dial. You and your wife have literally hundreds of stations to pick from on the FM band along with Sirius. All you have to do is push a button, and he's out of your life! To ask for a legend that THOUSANDS of us simply adore to hear each day is mighty selfish on your part.

    Rock on Jim!!! "Little bit of heaven 94.7 KMET... tweddle dee"

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    This is the first time I've ever posted on a forum, other than one for my car. But I have to speak in defense of Jim Ladd. I too have been listening to him in the LA area since KMET days. He was second only to B.Mitchell Reed, another institution from that era. Ok, he goes on a rant once in a while. Usually I agree with his point of view, so I like to listen. His knowledge of the music and the fabulous sets he puts together make up for him occasionally expressing an opinion. Love his shows. So happy he's back on the air. Thank you, Sirius, for giving him a musical forum.

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    What you are suppose to do is request songs that fit Ladd's tirades. Ladd plays songs in sets that tell a story. It's call "Theater of the Mind" because you are suppose to see the story in your head. If you just want to listen to songs, go to You Tube and pick your songs. Ladd is the true Last DJ. . . plays what he wants to play. . . says what he wants to say. . . hey, hey, hey

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    Wow....the "Jim Ladd Haters Club" is out in full everyone a favor....get a life....Ladd is a Pirate Radio legend..
    he's the only one in So Cal that had...and still has the cajones to play music nobody else would go near. When you hear
    Hawkwind on his satellite show, it's time to roll down the windows, and crank it up! Those that think they "program"
    their radios, are nothing short of don't program anything..the corporate freaks program the useless garbage on FM radio..Jim plays the good with it...ya might as well get used to the fact that
    Reverend Jim is here to stay.

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    you have a choice

    If you dislike listening to Jim Ladd, don't listen, it's that simple. Just because you don't like listening dose'nt mean you should take it from those who do.selfish person

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejwright View Post
    If you dislike listening to Jim Ladd, don't listen, it's that simple. Just because you don't like listening dose'nt mean you should take it from those who do.selfish person
    And i do not listen to him. I do give the show a chance right at the beginning. He tends to play the same songs quite often. He would be better of on Classic Vinal or such. He is like every other FM DJ here in Canada and i have had enough of them, thus Deeptracks for me.;


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    Here we go again - a buncha market-driven pre-program playlist wannabees who clearly have no knowledge of Jim's heritage. This one-of-a-kind visionary is the very essence of Rock & Roll aka 'Freedom'. We don't expect you were a listener back in Long Beach at KNAC and much less, the Mighty Met (a little bitta Heaven 94.7 K M E T - tweedledee)! but please, try to contain your shallowness. The night John Bonham passed was legendary in that the 10:00 intro in LA was unscripted and began with "In my time of dying". You don't get a star in Hollywood for beauty alone - keep it on the tracks Lonesome Jim - Deep Tracks.........

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    OK, Jim Ladd is an institution and his knowledge of classic rock should indeed be second to none. But you'd never think so based on his Deep Tracks SXM weekday shows. He plays the same 15 bands on every show. Every.... Show. And well over half of what he plays doesn't go anywhere NEAR "deep" tracks. The last show I endured of his featured that notorious deep track Hotel California (!), and alas that's a lot more than a blip on the Ladd radar these days. I think Cousin Brucie might actually play more "deep tracks" than Ladd does! Look, "deep classic tracks" is one uber wide expanse of all kinds of wonderful artists spanning several decades. Surely Ladd can mix it up a bit better than has. I know he can do it - I just wish he would. Dan Neer, Michael Tearson and Earle Bailey all "get" it, Jim Ladd does not (or maybe will not, I don't know). I'm in agreement with many of the above posters - move Ladd over to Classic Vinyl, which would certainly be a much better fit, and let's bring deep tracks back to Deep Tracks.

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    This message is for Earle Bailey and the rest of the executive staff at XMS:
    Please remove Jim Ladd from Deep Tracks. For the musically educated, Jim Ladd's superficial, thinly-veiled and commercially sold-out programming has, in my opinion, ruined the weekday evening timeslot on Deep Tracks. As a musician with over thirty years' experience on top of a decade of formal musical training, I must say that Jim Ladd has to be one of the (musically) worst-educated DJs I've ever heard. His playlist is neither "Free-Form" nor deep (as this great channel implies in its name, has successfully delivered for over a decade, and continues to deliver through the other highly-qualified DJs that do such an outstanding job of delivering historically relevant musical programmming). As one who grew up musically in the era of true commercially-independent progressive rock radio, Jim's claim to anything approaching a "free form" format insults my intelligence. To the contrary, his programming smacks of top-100 payola, and patiently listening to his program (with the intent of giving the man the benefit of the doubt) lead one to the conclusion that his selection of music is fundamentally rooted in what he's heard played on other top-100 stations and finds in the bins of franchise record stores with a market demographic of aging customers whose musical growth ended before age 18. He can identify obvious genius such as Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and other obvious superstars but he apparently has no understanding of the music which influenced them or even see beyond their top-100 hits into the music that defines them at their deepest levels. It's apparent he's vaguely aware that artists such as Little Feat, J.J. Cale, The Band, Delbert McClinton and others are popular among musicians and real music people for some reason, but because he apparently he needs someone to tell him if a particular piece of music is important or not, he's unable to exercise professional judgement and expand his programming beyond the superficial. I recognize that there are those who may feel some nostalgia toward Jim, and he might be able to make a valuble contribution on another channel such as 70's On 7 or 80's On 8 or some other channel that specializes in the superficial/pop hits of an era, but he does not belong on Deep Tracks. Please return the weekday evening slot to the true professionals in this format that you've had on staff for so many years, such as yourself, Meg Griffin, Dan Neer, & Michael Tierson. They have the knowledge, taste, respect and humility that make Deep Tracks the entertaining and educational station that the fans pay for. Until you do, I have no intelligent option than to tune away the moment his show begins. Maybe XMS could give Jim his own channel - you could call it "Superficial Tracks with Jim Ladd".

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