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    09-14-2012, 04:48 PM #1

    Angry Get jim ladd off the air

    My wife and I found Deep Tracks some time ago and listen to it daily. Except when Jim Ladd is on. My wife was never more pissed off and angry than she was last night when she was reading and listening to Deep Tracks. Jim Ladd went on a 10-minute political rant devoid of any rational, informed facts. He then played one song and went at it again. A music channel that allows it's DJs to PONTIFICATE their views, as if us lowly listeners have to be ENLIGHTENED, will surely lose a good number of customers.

    When Jim Ladd was on Los Angeles station KLOS-FM, it was the only time I tuned to another station. And this is from a listener who's had KLOS programmed on his car radios since 1969. Just can't stand the higher-than-thou, I-am-so-awsome, I-know-what-you-should-think pontifications of this man.

    Every time this buffoon is on, it will be Classic Vinyl for me until his time is up.

    DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!

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    09-15-2012, 12:00 AM #2

    Angry Dump Jim Ladd

    I've been an XM subscriber for about 10 years and never felt compelled to file a complaint - that is until "The Legendary" Jim Ladd took over Deep Tracks in weekly prime time. I listened to his program and gave him a chance, then spent way too much time talking back to my radio. Finally... I had had enough and made my first complaint to XM ListenerCare hoping they would pass my complaint along to those in charge.

    I was glad to run across this Forum and learn that I'm not alone in my distaste for Jim Ladd. He should stay in the Hollywood Hills - and off my XM radio. In fact, when his show comes on I make it a point to change stations even though, in the past, I had generally listened to Deep Tracks exclusively. I have learned one thing by doing this... Jam On is MUCH better than Jim Ladd.

    I'm going to include my complaint to XM in this post. I'm in hopes that others will join the cause and help get Jim Ladd off Deep Tracks.

    July 9, 2012 To: XM ListenerCare,

    "Unfortunately, this is a complaint. I've had subscriptions to XM for years and have never had a single thing to complain about - until now.

    My all time favorite channel has been DEEP TRACKS, that is until Jim Ladd took over on weeknights. He plays some great music, but seems to think he's still working on FM and has to continually talk during the music.

    I also don't care for the political views that Ladd, and others, seem to feel they must express during their programs.

    One of the main reasons I subscribe to XM - besides the great music - is to get away from the politics. If I wanted to listen to political views, I'd tune in to a different channel.

    In fact, although my radio just about stays glued to DEEP TRACKS, when Jim Ladd is on I find myself changing the channel to CLASSIC VINYL or CLASSIC REWIND to follow the "old crew," Dan Neer, Earle Bailey, and Meg Griffin.

    Like the critics once told Frank Zappa, "Shut up and play your guitar," Jim Ladd should shut up and play the music.

    I regret having to complain. I really enjoy my XM radio. Unfortunately, after many years as a subscriber, I finally felt compelled to do so. Please put the old crew back on DEEP TRACKS and move Jim Ladd someplace else."

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    10-24-2012, 08:33 AM #3

    please move Jim Ladd to another station!!!!!

    Have been a Deep Tracks fan 24 -7 (of my waking hours)until Jim Ladd's show made it's debut. After sending an email to Sirius listener care concerning my dislike of this show & receiving no reply have decided it fell on deaf ears so was very happy to find this place to vent & find some fellow frustrated folks. I can filter out Jim's inane political noise as neccesary.... I have been well trained to do so by most conventional media sources! What I cannot filter out is the music, that in my ear's & brain's opinion, that doesn't belong on Deep Tracks: dailydoses of of Slash, George Thoughrogood, lots of '80's & all sorts of other music that is (are) NOT "Deep Tracks".
    During the Jim Ladd broadcast my alternatives are Bluesville, Jam, Loft, Spectrum or my MP3 player.

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    11-23-2012, 08:19 PM #4
    I find this discussion bizarre - and maybe he has changed his tune - so to speak, since these complaints. I have been a Deep Tracks listener for a solid 3 years (it's the channel I leave on when I shut off my car so it's the first one that comes on when I crank it up), and I have never heard him say anything political, or talk for more than 30 seconds. What's going on here?


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    01-09-2013, 08:04 PM #5
    You have got to be kidding me!!!! Jim Ladd ROCKS!!!!
    I have Deep Tracks on all the time when Jim Ladd is ON!
    Have you bozo's forgot....IT'S THE MUSIC!!!!!!!
    He is the BEST DJ Ever!!

    Go listen to Gangnam Style!!!! Leave Jim Ladd to his Deep Tracks Libarary....

    High From the Hollywood Hills!!!...I am ready to Rock, Jim!!!!
    Go, SiriusXM and Jim Ladd!!

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    01-10-2013, 10:15 PM #6
    The people who say, "Get rid of Jim Ladd," are responsible for the demise of FM radio, and created the need for Sirius XM. Perhaps "Deep Tracks" isn't the best "fit" for his style of program, but I'm not sure which channel would be, because what he does is now unique. Free-form rock radio doesn't lend itself to any established format. If his show bothers you that much, you've all listed many alternatives for listening during his shift. Please allow those of us who wish to engage in the music and the themes presented by the Lonesome L.A. Cowboy our modest 20 hours per week.

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    05-20-2013, 11:32 PM #7
    I can't believe there are listeners who are so opposed to the fine work Jim Ladd contributes to Deep Tracks every day. I listened to his radio program every chance I got when he was with KLOS out of L.A., so I was stoked when I heard his voice on Deep Tracks. I tune in every day on the commute home and in the evening when I get a chance. He plays a wonderful mix of music, shares his broad and deep rock knowledge, and entertains us with themes, cover tunes and a little bit of pontification. Nothing wrong with that. I especially want to thank Jim for the tribute he paid to the Ray Manzarek today, the day of his passing. It was a beautiful program put together on the fly. That takes skill, experience and confidence. See ya tomorrow, Jim!

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    06-09-2013, 04:21 PM #8

    Play the music only and shut-up

    I find much of what Jim Ladd plays good. But I too have a problem with his political editorializing. Even more than that, I really hate the over-dubbing he does, much of which is sexual innuendo. I am not a prude by any means, but the repeated playing of snippets is distracting, childish and disrespectful to the music and artists. And then there is the regular yells of his bimbo girlfriend. I listen for music, that's it. If I want to hear disc jockeys talk I will cancel my four subscriptions and go back to FM. I have started retuning when he is on.

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    07-16-2013, 08:23 PM #9
    I have been a Sirius listener since June 2010, i had had enough of the 'classic rock' stuff playing the same songs over and over. I love Deeptracks and BB King Bluesville, but since Jim Ladd has started his 'free form radio show' i tune him out. I did give it a chance, but what Jim calls free form, i call classic rock classic vinyl etc. Most of his music can be found on Classic Vinyl and any north american classic rock station, so its not free for, Deep tracks in itself is free form in my opinion. Tom Pettys show is free form not Jim.
    Time for Jim to go.

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    07-26-2013, 12:03 AM #10
    Jim Ladd is a Radio institution I have loved his work since LAs 94.7 KMET, yes he rants but you should have heard him the night John Lennon was killed, thats one show i wish i had recorded, hes extremely knowledgeable and has interviewed to greats of rock & roll, Keep it Going Jim

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