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    I can't stand jim ladd.he's boring and obnoxious.doesn't even play deep tracks.seems to always play garbage from the west coast and always the same listening to deep tracks but when he comes on I switch it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allenm View Post
    This message is for Earle Bailey and the rest of the executive staff at XMS:
    Please remove Jim Ladd from Deep Tracks. For the musically educated, Jim Ladd's superficial, thinly-veiled and commercially sold-out programming has, in my opinion, ruined the weekday evening timeslot on Deep Tracks. As a musician with over thirty years' experience on top of a decade of formal musical training, I must say that Jim Ladd has to be one of the (musically) worst-educated DJs I've ever heard. His playlist is neither "Free-Form" nor deep (as this great channel implies in its name, has successfully delivered for over a decade, and continues to deliver through the other highly-qualified DJs that do such an outstanding job of delivering historically relevant musical programmming). As one who grew up musically in the era of true commercially-independent progressive rock radio, Jim's claim to anything approaching a "free form" format insults my intelligence. To the contrary, his programming smacks of top-100 payola, and patiently listening to his program (with the intent of giving the man the benefit of the doubt) lead one to the conclusion that his selection of music is fundamentally rooted in what he's heard played on other top-100 stations and finds in the bins of franchise record stores with a market demographic of aging customers whose musical growth ended before age 18. He can identify obvious genius such as Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and other obvious superstars but he apparently has no understanding of the music which influenced them or even see beyond their top-100 hits into the music that defines them at their deepest levels. It's apparent he's vaguely aware that artists such as Little Feat, J.J. Cale, The Band, Delbert McClinton and others are popular among musicians and real music people for some reason, but because he apparently he needs someone to tell him if a particular piece of music is important or not, he's unable to exercise professional judgement and expand his programming beyond the superficial. I recognize that there are those who may feel some nostalgia toward Jim, and he might be able to make a valuble contribution on another channel such as 70's On 7 or 80's On 8 or some other channel that specializes in the superficial/pop hits of an era, but he does not belong on Deep Tracks. Please return the weekday evening slot to the true professionals in this format that you've had on staff for so many years, such as yourself, Meg Griffin, Dan Neer, & Michael Tierson. They have the knowledge, taste, respect and humility that make Deep Tracks the entertaining and educational station that the fans pay for. Until you do, I have no intelligent option than to tune away the moment his show begins. Maybe XMS could give Jim his own channel - you could call it "Superficial Tracks with Jim Ladd".
    I agree with this 100%, well written.

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    Jim Ladd: Douchebag Supreme

    I grew up in SoCal. Ladd was a fixture. Familiarity breeds contempt.

    Ladd was never who he made himself out to be. He's corrupt and shallow. Despite his five decades on the air, his musical knowledge and thirst for exploring the unknown are minimal. He has not grown musically, or, as a person for decades. He's a shill for his rich corporate rock star buddies. His social views are embarrassingly stupid, ill-informed, self-righteous and naive. Especially for a guy his age. And as much as he says he's "freeform radio," he's unquestionably not. He's an insult to it.

    Some say, "Smoke some reefer and listen to his Headsets. He'll take you on a mind-expanding journey, man."

    Unfortunately, Ladd's only got the transcendence of a masturbating junior high school boy stroking his small, trigger-happy penis.

    A douche since 1968: Jim Ladd.

    Vanessa Stone

    P.S. Check out KSPC 88.7 FM Online Radio-Sundays at 10:00PM to 1:00AM. You owe it to yourself.

    R.I.P. Chris Darrow

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    Jim Ladd is a liberal idiot that has a platform to spew his pathetic opinion. What an asshole.

    Amen sister, you nailed it perfectly.

    You forgot to mention he's a liberal asshole. 90% of the country is not liberal and his political opinions are garbage. What a ********. Richard Head
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    Jim Ladd needs to shut up and just play music!

    Dear Sirius XM:

    As a paying customer, I do not appreciate Jim Ladd's political opinions or his ranting vulgarity. He has made many political rantings, but the latest is beyond reproach.

    On Tuesday's Deep Tracks program (Jan 19, 2021) Jim Ladd routinely mentioned male genitalia as he discussed his political feelings toward an outgoing president that didn't act as Jim would have him do.

    I would hope SiriusXM and the FCC take their job seriously and discipline Mr. Ladd for his on air vulgarity. There is no excuse for using the terms he did during a mid day show that children could be listening to. From the comments I see in this forum, Jim has been doing this for a long time, and he most likely won't stop.

    I am paying for music to put me in a good mood. I am not paying to hear Mr. Ladd's infantile rantings and political feelings. His display paints him as a sad, bitter old man.

    I will be changing the station whenever Jim Ladd comes on the air until he realizes he's being paid to be a music DJ and not an angry political analyst.

    I noticed that Dusty Street replaced Jim today (Wed, Jan 20, 2021), and hope that he was removed from the air in a disciplinary move. Jim seems to feel we want to hear his opinion. We don't.

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    I am so pleased to see other people on here that share the same frustrations about this imbecile. We pay for satellite radio so we can listen to music...not someone's political opinions, or what HE wants us to listen too. There are other channels on there for that crap. Deep tracks is by far my go too channel with a lot of good DJ's (except Jim).

    At the end of the work day when I get into my truck to go home it is always depressing to have to hear this turd spew his thoughts of the day. Hell, he even tends to stick to mostly playing the more liberal musicians (Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters, George Thorogood, John Fogerty, Neil Young, etc. Next time you mistakedly forget this Asshat's show is on I would guarantee you are going to hear a song from one of these musicians as well. It's just uncanny how many times I've encountered this...and then I just change the channel until the next morning when I'm heading back to work. He's definitely in it for himself and telling you everything he wants you to hear. I've been a continual subscriber for over 15 years. Sometimes I wish we had the authority to vote people off the program...UGH.

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    I love Jim Ladd, anyone who doesn't can go somewhere else and spew their hate.
    What annoys me the most is all the dj's have to hawk the app, I wish they would not spend time advertising the app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anivape View Post
    I love Jim Ladd, anyone who doesn't can go somewhere else and spew their hate.
    Hate? What I’ve read in this thread are paying subscribers who are simply expressing their displeasure with Jim Ladd. I wonder how you and other Jim Ladd supporters would feel if his politics were decidedly to the right? If anyone is spewing hate and intolerance it would seem to be Jim Ladd with his derogatory comments about southerners, outgoing presidents, and anyone who doesn’t see things his way. Subscribers here just want to listen to the deep tracks, hear the jocks talk about the music, and not have their political and social views attacked. There are plenty of outlets elsewhere for that, including on SiriusXM.

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    He is a DJ, one of the best ever, he has always given social commentary. As far as I can recall he has not changed, the world around him has. If anyone has trouble with his opinion and views and the way he runs his show, then they can change the channel.

    If you have not read hate in this forum, and you have trouble with someone being critical of the last outgoing pres, then I guess you and I have wildly different views. I can only hope for common ground in the future.

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    And if you can’t see that your unfettered use of the word “hate” is exaggerated and unnecessarily judgmental, then yes we have wildly different views of reality. I respectfully disagree with you.

    Calling Jim Ladd or anyone else “the best ever” is subjective. He may be a legend in SoCal but he may not resonate outside of there. It was the same problem I had with Cousin Brucie on 60s on 6. Bruce was a legend in NYC but elsewhere across the country he didn’t necessarily click. And he’s not political, btw.

    Of course we can change the channel when Jim Ladd is on. That’s what we do. The problem is this isn’t “free” over-the-air broadcast radio. We’re paying for the service and have a right to comment when we continually hear something we don’t like. If Jim Ladd or any other DJ on Deep Tracks continually spewed right-wing opinions, there would without doubt be plenty of complaints from the left. And I suspect they’d be far more venomous. Again, we come to the music channels for the music and to hear the DJs talk about the music they and we love. Is it asking too much in our hyper-politicized culture to want this escape? There are plenty of other places to go for political commentary.

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