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    Angry Sirius is the worst!!!!

    I purchased a new car 6 weeks ago, which came with one year Sirius subscription. In the last six weeks, I have had to call Sirius at least six times. My radio keeps forgetting it's subscription! When I phone customer service to have it corrected, the information on my account has been completely changed. Wrong car! Wrong address! Wrong phone number! The wires seem to be crossed between my account and someone else's. But nobody seems to be able to correct the underlying issue.
    Has anyone else experienced a problem like this? It's been a horrible consumer product experience, and I would never recommend Sirius to anyone after this continual hassle and time drain.

    Extremely frustrating!

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    Ive never seen or heard of anything like it. You sir are the unlucky winner of a pile of crappy aggravation and that sucks!

    SiriusXM has really good support people answering questions and issues on Facebook. You should post and their wall and give them a try.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
    Charles LaRocca
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    I had this problem recently with an alpine head unit in my truck. Every time I'd turn off the key it would have to be reactivated. It turned out that the xm receiver tuner under the seat was bad. No problem after the sxm box was replaced. They originally thought it was a stay alive wire likely disconnected but it actually was just a defective box.

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    Your problem, Siriustimes, is an issue isolated to the Alpine CDE-124SXM head unit and SVX100v1 satellite tuner. This customer has an OEM radio - his issue is not a subscription retention issue.

    I just wanted it to be clear that the problem you have is not something happening with any other satellite radio.

    He's probably nailed his problem - too many cooks in the kitchen.

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    the wife got a new_to_her car a couple years ago - I spent several hours on the phone with customer service w/ the same issues.

    fast forward to last month - wife got a new car - same situation - different car - different year.

    we opted to add the navigation features -- it's worthless.

    we finally got the billing information corrected and it has now stayed ON for the past two weeks. We'll see how long it lasts.

    here's to hoping that this isn't something that happens as often as I suspect.

    we can do better.