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    Dr Channel plays 10 seconds and stops

    my wife only listens to one channel, the doctor channel xm 81. now, only on her iPhone when she opens the app, and clicks on Doctors channel, it plays for 10 seconds and then stops all audio. I have an iPhone and it works perfectly, I have two ipads and they work perfectly. only this one channel on her phone will not play. I listen to radio classics and i can play it on her phone as well as my own. ONLY this one channel (that we can ascertain) will not play through.
    I have twice restored the iphone to its original condition and restored the icons. each time, leaving the sirius app off the list and downloading anew the siriusxm app.
    I am puzzled. why this one station?
    why her phone and not my other apple products?
    anyone have a similar situation?
    any help?
    strange work around
    1. start sirius app
    2. click on Doctor Radio
    3. listen until audio stops (about 7-10 seconds)
    4. hit home button
    5. tape phone icon
    6. call anybody, let it ring once. (truthfully, it way work just by clicking the phone app and then home button)
    7. as soon as the phone app closes, shortly the audio from the sirius app (doctor radio) starts playing and will continue as though there was no problem from the start.

    Why would the phone have to do with sirius playing or not? There is an interrupt conflict here. does anyone else have a similar scenerio?
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    Thumbs up How did they come up with this "work around"? It does work!

    This cutting off after about 10 seconds was driving me crazy.
    It is amazing that this workaround really works.
    It is not a fix, and you have to do the same thing each time you log in to Doctor Radio.
    But until the problem is fixed it does get me to Doctor Radio (One of my Favorites).
    I just can't imagine how someone thought of this solution...