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    Sportster Replay Quit Working

    Within the past few weeks, my Sportster Replay has been acting up and has finally crapped out on me. It began by not "transmitting" a signal to my car radio. After being on for awhile, I would change stations and the display would change, but no sound. I would turn it off and remove it from the cradle for awhile and it would work again. It had been happening more frequently recently and yesterday, it finally quit completely. Now, all I get when I turn it on, is the Sirius display/logo.
    Anyone have any suggestions short of a slede hammer?


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    First. Make sure your fm frequency station has not changed...then try changing it. You can do that from the menu. Make sure your radio and selected station match.

    Next, try removing the transmitter wire completely. The transmitter is internal, so it will transmit without it, it just wont transmit across the street.

    If all else fails, you can plug it into your car stereo directly. You can get a wire from radio shack. Some stereos have a stereo jack in the front. That helps. Most have a connection in the back...a little more technical. If you have a cassette deck, there is a cassette adapter you could use.

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    no audio

    I had a similar problem: try re-seating the unit in the cradle. I had lights, display, and no sound.
    You may have a bad cradle. don't give up on the unit itself until you rule out other components.

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    I also have the Sportster Replay and it gets hot and fizzles out. I also bought the Executive Dock with speakers and it looks like it only fits the Sportster.

    Do they make an attachment that will work with this Dock when I buy another Sirius Radio?