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    Tax charged

    New to the forum and 1 year user of XM.
    When I purchaszed my Sonata in 2011 I received 3 months free XM.
    At the end of trial I purchased 6 months for $36.
    Just received a letter from XM saying new 6 month service will be $102.
    Now my questions are can it be obtained cheaper?
    Why do they charge me a state tax(FL) of 9% and local tax of 6% for a total 15%?

    I know I know ask them. But has anyone else had this problem.
    In my county the total state and local tax is 7% max.


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    I have three radio's. Two are monthly (second one 50% off). Honestly, I haven't looked at the bill for a while. The third radio is semi annual. All just go right to the credit card.

    But now you've peaked my interest and I'll go to the website and look up my history.

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    sirius xm charges communication tax not sales tax...and the information comes from your area so sirius xm couldnt tell you why thats what your charged