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    They were right, Sirius is a monopoly!

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    Nice. lol

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    You sir are a genius.

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    Very funny!

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    LOL, that is funny. They say it is a monopoly for satellite radios to merge, because they know satellite radio will dominate the free radio market, just like satellite and cable tv have dominated the VHF/UHF tv market. They say this in total s**t, but yet when airlines merge and oil companies merge and take out competition, that is ok. Satellite radio is just at its beginning, and I see a bright and excellent future for it.

    I imagine soon in the future there will be radios that have NWS weather radios installed in them that transmit digitally and will go off in the event of severe weather, and they will have local ground repeaters for local news in the big cities. It sounds alot like free radio, but it will be so much better.

    If you are a Sirius subscriber, just hold on, because I know alot of people see this as a dead end, but it will get better. Give it in time, and you will see Direct tv and Dish Network merge I bet, and I can bet they wont waste a second at approving that.