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    07-26-2008, 01:34 AM #1

    stock price expectation??

    I would like to know what you guys think about the after merge stock price.

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    tough to tell

    Since it is soaking in over the weekend I believe there will be an initial spike to about 3.15 after pre market and some of the sell off will begin and it may go down a little and once everything gets fully approved midday by sirius and xm, it may go around $4.
    It may not even go that high, and I dont know if the initial sell off will be too much prior to the full consummation and there not be too much of a spike. Plus, by letting it settle over the weekend, everyone knows its coming and also it allows for any lawsuits or negativity to come out. Where I believe if it was announced when the market was open the spike would have been greater for a short period, but overall this is just totally guessing and I wish I had a clue of what to do. Either sell off right away or wait till its consummated fully.

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    Millions of stock holders all playing the same game. The way I see it there is going to be a whole hell of a lot of selling pressure to overcome. For a moment let's put aside the investors of yester-years who bought anywhere between $5 and $9. I'll assume the majority of them are long term holders, or would have bailed quite some time ago. So I don't think they are going to try to sell out of their position on the heels of a merger.

    You have a whole "generation" of people who bought into the stock for the merger play a year and a half ago. The stock was trading just short of $4 at the time, and it looked like a good move to pick up some quick cash. Well we all know what happened after that.

    Now there is a new "generation" of people looking to play a merger pop. Except they got in at much much lower levels. ~$1.80. The majority of them are not going to let this thing skyrocket, as they will take their quick gain and move on. If they aren't investing in this for the long term, there is no incentive for them not to take their 50, 60 70 percent gain and walk.

    But if I've learned anything, its to not go into this thing with any expectations. (Especially if the NAB tries some lawsuit) You're trying to telegraph your fellow investors, while they are trying to telegraph you. I honestly believe this thing is going to yo-yo pretty hard while the market irons out what its doing.

    My advice, if you are playing the pop, set a gain percent you feel comfortable walking away with, and put in the limit sell order. In the end, its only going to be one person who times the peak perfectly. My money isn't on you And make sure you reset your orders if they do in fact change the ticker on us on Monday.

    Good luck, and congratulations. How long have you been holding if you don't mind me asking.

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    Thumbs up Stock price

    It is a slippery slope but only time will tell. I am in it for the long haul. I bought the stock several years ago at 2.80 a share and have 3,000 shares. I am more interested in what Howard will be doing with his shares. That was a huge part of his package when he signed on. I will be watching him to see what he does (if he shares). I would hope he would hold on for the long haul as well. When two companies combine budgets and expences it is good for all. Also will Howard sign another contract?? Its only a few years away. I remember when the stock was over $10 a share and I held out because I knew a merger would happen some day. I guess we will see if I made a stupid move or a great one!!

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