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    Sirius / XM Merger Approved In Only 493 Days!

    The long awaited conclusion of regulatory purgatory that began on February 19, 2007 for Sirius, XM and their shareholders is over. The merger was officially approved when the consent decree was signed moments ago. As advertised, the commission vote fell along party lines with a 3 - 2 split decision.

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    I thought this day would never come! Monday should be very interesting.

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    Half of me is excited and half of me is sad because I knew all along that there was no question that this would happen. Any educated person knew that this merger would be approved and the fact that it took this long honestly scares me that my government does not represent me.

    I honestly think we might see some wacky spikes come next week. I would not be floored to see $5 per, or darn close to it

    Awesome job with the coverage guys and for the record I did digg the post!