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    Can this article really be factual?

    Obviously not!!

    But I actually was going to tell my wife (as a joke) that the merger was denied and then I saw this article and actually thought it might have been delayed, but did not trust the source. Fortunately I saw the real news moments after I read this.


    The above link used to go to a story that said negotiations had reached a stalemate and that they would resume later next week. (Not the current story about approval.)

    Here is some of the original story that I read:

    "FCC sources told R&R that while Tate originally made FCC enforcement action against the satellite companies part of her condition to approval, she had not made clear in "absolute" terms that she would cast her vote that way. On Wednesday, XM agreed to a voluntary contribution to the U.S. Treasury or a "fine" of more than $19 million, while Sirius said it would surrender $2 million, each for terrestrial repeater infractions."

    "Martin responded to Tate's noncommitment with a standoff play: He said he would withhold his vote for the Consent Decree that clears the way for the enforcement action because he cannot be assured that Tate will vote in favor of the deal. Says one FCC insider, "We think she's playing games." One FCC insider defended Martin, noting that if he were to first vote for the enforcement action and then Tate voted against the merger, the satellite companies would have agreed to pay with monumental fines and get nothing in return."

    "By 8 p.m. Washington time, phones in Martin's and and Tate's eighth-floor executive suites were not answered. A source told R&R, "Everyone has left the building." The source added that it was unclear when the commissioners would get to the satellite merger discussion again because their schedules were filled with out of town meetings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday."
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