FMQB ~ Up Close with NAB President and CEO David Rehr ~

I found this article from, where David Rehr was again speaking about the NAB, HD radio and the COMPETITION. It was dated January 12, 2007

FMQB: "Is satellite radio a serious threat to radio listenership in the long run?

DAVID REHR: "Were open to all competitors. If you look at the history of radio, it went from television to LPs to eight-track tapes to cassettes, then CDs and satellite radio. "

...Later in the same paragraph after dumping on Satellite Radio

DAVID REHR: "Are 12-million people subscribing to satellite radio a threat to 260-million people who listen to radio every week? At the margin, maybe. Our mindset at the NAB is that we take every competitor seriously, because you just never know what the future holds and its our job to advocate on behalf of our members. Were going to do that."

This guy, David Rehr is sooo full of sh*t , he really CREEPS me out.
Again there is NO denying satellite radio competes with terrestrial radio. But we already know that.
BTW.... David HATES the term "Terrestrial " Radio....