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    I know you dont understand anything about years of hard work, but then you dont understand much about anything. You must be one of those Gen-Xer's who expect instant gratification and govt handouts. Touche.

    Oh "concern" was it? Go back and check all the articles you posted with CONVICTION that rampant inflation was right around the corner. Remember China and commodities? lol. Go back and read about Schiff and commodities. Oh my. So embarassing. You cant hide.

    P.S. i have been checking the politics section a little bit lately and its funny but i dont see much
    about inflation. All I see is articles about President Obama being Marx's reincarnation. Quite fascintating coming from a self proclaimed moderate independent. lmfao.

    I invite everyone to check out the thread, ITS A NEW YEAR, under the POLITICS section to see how one of SiriuslyWrong favorite "economists" got just about EVERYTHING wrong last year. Happy
    New Year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Havakasha View Post
    Now get back to Spencer's Slacker comments and let him have it.
    ok, here ya go:

    Spencer says:
    January 10, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    IMO Slacker offers the best music out channels of any service out there. The customization takes it another step ahead. Now they are getting into talk, sports, etc.
    Now, if memory serves correct . . . it wasn't all that long ago that Spencer was giving a sloppy-wet-french-kiss to Slacker CEO Jim Cady . . .

    I hope Jim Cady doesn't stop short . . . he might get rear-ended by Spencer's nose!

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    and don't get me wrong . . . I love the crazy little bastard . . . he just seems incapable of rendering an objective opinion about the business model of these "Virtual CD" services vis-a-vis Satellite Radio . . .

    you have to wonder why?

    month-after-month he "cried wolf" about Pandora and their "millions and millions of registered users" . . . ooh-fah

    now he's pimpin Slacker

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    Human beings are all terrible at predicting the future period. The only way you can more accurately predict the future is by either having a technical advantage (i.e. faster computers/faster communications and profiting on the gap) or by having additional information not available to the rest of the investors in the market. (Which happens to be illegal) The rest is a mixture of ego puffery and chance and relying on human natures tendency to only remember the successes and forgetting the failures. Look at the examples time and time again of monkeys making random stock picks that do better then the so called experts. Its all a silly game where people pay other experts on the assumption that they know something , when really nobody knows anything.

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    SB Trivia # 985 - Open Book Test

    According to Jon Pluc, which of the following best describes Spencer:

    A.) Soothsayer
    B.) Prognosticator
    C.) False Prophet
    D.) Kreskin on Crack
    E.) Monkey Man
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    now come-on otone . . . I know you're out there and chomping at the bit . . . take a stab at it!

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    Friday the 13th!

    Happy Birthday Spencer!

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    Impending "Clicks" Deficit



    looks like the "SA" bears have gone into hibernation . . .
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    Could We Drop the Pius Baloney?

    So now Spencer gives his readers, and his pal Jim Cady, a two-part infomercial on Slacker with the company logo emblazoned on the news page? This is newsworthy?

    Not that long ago Spencer was waxing poetic about the virtues of Pandora, its profitability, its ubiquity, its vast number of registered users, its startling growth and the fact that "Pandora has already shifted" to a subscription-based business model . . . now we hear from his surrogate-in-chief that "I don't think Pandora has dropped any great groundbreaking news." . . . that is the point!

    See how many pinocchio's you can find:

    NUMBER 1
    Pandora Moving In On Sirius XM's Turf
    October 13, 2011
    Spencer Osborne

    "Simply stated, Pandora is indeed moving in on turf that was once dominated by Sirius XM and terrestrial radio."

    (SRK Note: I am providing the link for sourcing only. It is by no means a recommendation to click the link.)

    NUMBER 2
    The Real Threat to Sirius XM
    Tue, 07/20/2010 - 11:37 by Mac Greer

    In this third part of our four-part series, I ask Sirius Buzz writer Spencer Osborne. Sirius Buzz covers satellite radio news but is not affiliated with Sirius XM. Spencer owns shares of Sirius XM.

    Osborne: The No. 1 threat for Sirius XM is terrestrial radio. Its penetration is everywhere, in clock radios. It is in every dashboard in every car, no matter what year it was. You can be driving around in a 1960s car, and it has got a radio in it.

    So that is the No. 1 threat. It is free, it is available, and it is everywhere. People can turn it on without having to jump through two or three hoops. To me, that is still the No. 1 threat, and it is going to exist forever.

    By example, I am from Boston, and the Celtics just did their run to the championship and fell a little bit short, but when I wanted to hear what is going on with that, I wasn’t tuning in to satellite radio. Satellite radio is a national perspective. I was tuning in to my local sports station and hearing Bostonians talk about what Kevin Garnett did or what Paul Pierce did. So even as passionate of a satellite radio fan as I am, I still listen to some terrestrial radio. That is the No. 1 threat, in my opinion.

    The second is probably web-based radio because even though it is kind of a jukebox, so to speak, if you go to Slacker and Pandora, you build a station. You are not telling them what songs to put on. It’s getting an understanding of you by your listening habits and feeding you stuff you think you’d like.

    Slacker Adds Live Sports to Their Line-Up
    January 10, 2012 (8:00 am)

    "Some people feel that Internet Radio is nothing more than a “jukebox” over the Internet, but that is shortsighted thinking."

    NUMBER 3
    The Advantages of Sirius XM Satellite
    Yesterday, July 29, 2010, 12:32:30 PM | Spencer Osborne

    If I were to gauge my own audio listening in the car I would say that I spend 70% to 75% of my time listening to satellite radio, 20% of my time listening to my iTunes, 5% of my time listening to Slacker, and about 5% listening to terrestrial radio. Clearly I have a preference. Clearly there is something unique about satellite radio that compels me to listen to it more than all of the other competitors combined. I would say that it is a combination of unique content, ease of use, and the ability to simply turn it on and go. My habits are probably not unlike the habits of the average person in my demographic that has satellite radio.

    Spencer says:
    January 10, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    "They are already well past traditional terrestrial radio."
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    Spencer Osborne says:
    April 11, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    " . . . as an investor I can see the cache that Pandora has. I can see some capabilities that services like Pandora offer that Sirius XM does not."

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