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    New head unit, stock antenna

    Greetings everyone! Thanks in advance for your help.

    I'm the proud new owner of a 2004 Audi Allroad. It has (er, had) satellite radio in it already, but this weekend I swapped out the head unit for an aftermarket one.*With that aftermarket setup I bought a new SiriusXM sat radio tuner. I figure I needed that to interface with the new Kenwood head unit.*

    Then, I took the curry-colored FAKRA connector behind the old radio and used an adapter to connect it to the antenna input on the new sat radio tuner. I didn't change anything else with the stock satellite radio system.*

    I was hopeful this would work, as it would greatly simply the setup and not require me to run a new antenna, or a new wire to the existing antenna, and so on. But I figured it might not, as essentially my system now contains two sat radio tuners -- the stock one in the rear cargo area and now the new one behind the dashboard.*

    Well, alas, something strange is happening. The new sat radio seems to be working, in that it can (sometimes) "see" an antenna / signal strength and can pull down the SiriusXM preview channel, but even after subscription and activation it can't pull down any other channels. It's stuck on just Channel 1 (and 0), and that's all.*

    So, I suspect I'll need to remove the stock Audi tuner so I'm not futzing with a dual-tuner setup. That's where y'all come in.*

    Does anyone know anything about the wiring scheme on stock tuners? Ideally, for me, would be to remove the old tuner and simply reroute the signal already coming down from the stock antenna straight into to the wiring that terminates in that curry-FAKRA coming out behind the dashboard. But, of course, none of the wiring at the stock tuner is labeled, so I can't tell what I'd have to rewire / reroute in order to just bypass the other stock stuff.*

    What should I be looking for in terms of wiring coming down from the stock antenna? Are they typically FAKRA connectors?

    I can't seem to find a wiring schematic anywhere, so I'm hoping someone out there can help. Any ideas??

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